Most Popular Minecraft Mods – Top Famous Picks!

Enhance your Minecraft experience with these cool and clever mods.

We all can agree that Minecraft is a fun game. Since its release, the game has only grown in popularity thanks to its simple approach to gameplay and story. While most players are satisfied with the game in its current state, there is a whole community of gamers looking to improve or enhance Minecraft. Mods can be as simple as a new armor type to massive game modes that completely change the base game. Let’s take a look at the 5 most popular Minecraft mods of all time.

Most Popular Minecraft Mods

Alex’s Mobs

most popular minecraft mods

This mod adds over 80 new animals to your game. On the surface, this might seem like just a cosmetic feature but unlike the usual mobs that just drop meat, most of these animals drop special items that can be used to make portions and weapons. The animals range from usual wildlife creatures like bugs, tigers, and gorillas to fictional ones like the Sreecher, Void worm, and even a ghost! Check out the mod here.


popular minecraft mods

Artifacts is a mod that adds over 30 powerful weapons and accessories that you can find while exploring the world. Some of these artifacts include -a power glove that increases unarmed damage, Running shoes that increase speed, and an umbrella that can be used to glide in the air. All these make exploration even more rewarding. Check out the mod here.

Explorers Compass

minecraft mods popular

Ever felt lost or directionless while running through the open world of Minecraft? Then this is just the mod for you as Explorers Compass lets you choose your destination complete with exact coordinates. Simply craft the Explorers Compass and right-click on it to bring up the list of locations, select your destination and follow the needle. The mod is also available as a Natures Compass that can be used to find different biomes. Check out the mod here.

Yung’s Better Desert Temples

popular minecraft mods

Instead of just a small square room with pressure plates in the middle, using this mod will completely transform all pyramids you come across. The mod adds various new traps, puzzles, and exciting challenges to all base game pyramids. All this is rewarded in the end with valuable loot, making the whole experience a blast for the archeologist in you. Check out the mod here.

Effortless Building

minecraft popular mods
Building massive structures has never been easier thanks to this mod. With the help of tools like mirror and block randomizer, you can choose from different build modes such as lines, wall cubes, etc. This mod can be used in both creative and survival. Check out the mod here.

And that’s the list of the current most popular mods in Minecraft. Check out our list of the Best Modded Servers and other Minecraft-related Guides here on Gamer Tweak.