Best Minecraft Modded Servers

Find the 5 best Modded Servers in Minecraft to use in 2023.

The ability to use modded servers in Minecraft makes for an even more exciting experience. You will be happy to know that there are a plethora of different options for your own choice of a modded server. Such servers feature specific themes, colors, textures, and more in mind. This means that there’s a modded server for pretty much every preference out there. In the vast, vast world of these servers, it’s easy to lose yourself looking for which of these is the best. To help make things a little easier, we have made a list of what we believe are the 5 best modded servers for Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Modded Servers



This modded server in Minecraft is for all you Pokemon fans. As the name suggests, the server is based on a Pokemon theme, and it manages to do complete justice to it too. The mod server features a multiplater mode where you can see and use several different Pokemon into your Minecraft gameplay experience. Another great advantage of this server is its constant support for updates.



There’s no compilation of the best modded servers in Minecraft that does not feature Mineplex, and with good reason. Mineplex offers you a plethora of different options and features that help enhance your Minecraft experience. You will be able to participate in modes like painting, Smash Bros, and FPS games too. In essence, Mineplex is a bit like a minigame server inside of Minecraft.

Apart from these advantages, you also receive the benefits of being part of an active and supportive community of players, along with the ability to take part in dedicated survival game modes.

Complex Gaming


Complex Gaming is a heavily modified modded server in Minecraft. It allows you to enjoy enhanced experiences in the game without altering any of Minecraft’s clients. Currently, Complex is one of Minecraft’s most heavily modified servers. It also boasts of quite a lot of friendly communities, making for a fun gaming experience.

Crafters Land


This modded server in Minecraft offers you several different game modes, along with support for numerous mudpacks. Among these mudpacks, you will find the likes of FTB Stoneblock, Pixelmon Reforged, MC Eternal, GT Horizons, and many more. Just like most of the other servers in this guide, you can find several helpful communities here.



Brawl is a unique modded server that allows you to build your very own structures in Minecraft. While this might not sound super different from the original game, you can actually take part in battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG.

And that’s it. This is our compilation of the 5 best modded servers in Minecraft. As you can see, there is a server here for each type of Minecraft player. Regardless of which of these servers you pick, one thing’s for sure. You will find yourself enjoying for hour after hour with their immersive experiences.

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