Best Magic & Mage Mods In Minecraft 1.18

Here is a list of the Best Magic & Mage Mods for Minecraft 1.18.

Minecraft allows players to do anything and have endless fun. From Mining & Crafting to Exploration & PvP, there is so much you can do. Minecraft Mods can layer depth to your World. One such mod you can integrate into your Minecraft World is Magic or Mage Mods. The game does have some magical aspects like Enchantments and Potions, but they are few and the Mage Mods or Magic Mods enhance that. In today’s guide, I will show you the Best Magic & Mage Mod in Minecraft 1.18.

Best Magic & Mage Minecraft Mod 1.18

magic mods in minecraft

Here are some of the best Magic Mods you should integrate into your Minecraft World.

Mahou Tsukai – Best Magic & Mage Mod in Minecraft 1.18

Mahou Tsukai is a Mod that brings Magic & Spells into your Minecraft World. Unlike traditional Mage Mods, this one has a more anime-based art style and Magic. Ever wanted to be the main protagonist of an Anime and have powerful Spells? Then this Magic Mod is meant for you.

Ars Nouveau

Ars Nouveau is another Mage Mod in Minecraft but is more based on the Western-style. You will have a Spell Book that will help you progress and cast Magic Spells in Minecraft. Aside from the Magic elements of the Mod, the Mod also brings up some Mage elements like building Magical Machines & base automation with magical servants. This Magic Mod is very reliable and is frequently updated.

Mana and Artifice

Mana and Artifice Mod brings a whole new level to Magic and Mythical in the Mage Minecraft World. This is by far the best Mod to install if you want to level up your Magic game or spice up your Mage RP Server. Mana and Artifice level up your enchantments, spells & magic, more enemies & friends, and much more.


Waystones is a Teleportation mod based on Magic in Minecraft. Minecraft has a Massive Map, one of the biggest if not the biggest. So travel around can be time-consuming. Nether Travel is considerably better than traveling through the Overworld but that doesn’t cut it. That is where Waystones Magic Mod comes into the picture. Just place them in areas you want to Fast travel and just a Warp Scroll or a Warp Stone and teleport to your Destination.

Potions Master

The Potions Master Mage Mod in Minecraft enhances the Potions that exist in the Vanilla game. Potions are a big part of PvP for Minecraft. A Potion such as Slowness can turn the tide of battle. Well, Potions Master betters the Potions and then adds more to it. This Magic mod in Minecraft makes Potions that are usually not possible in the game. Like a Potion of Oresight that grants the user a temporary X-Ray vision to see Ores in the ground. This Mod will support others if they have their correct Forge Tag.

This was all about the best Magic & Mage Mods in Minecraft. hopefully, this guide has helped. You can also check our other guides like Best Mods For Minecraft Education Edition & Best FNaF Minecraft Mods.