Best Minecraft Education Edition Mods 2024

Here is a list of the Best Mods for Minecraft Education Edition.

Minecraft Education Edition is a version of the game where students can learn technical skills like Math & Problem Solving. but that is not to say that you cannot have fun while doing so. Mods are an integral part of Minecraft and go for the Education Edition as well. In today’s guide, I will show you the best Minecraft Mods for the Education Edition.

Best Minecraft Education Edition Mods

Below listed are some of the best Mods you can add to your Minecraft Education Edition world.

New Player Animations Mod

new player animation in minecraft education edition

This Mod will add new player animations to your character in Minecraft Education Edition. It will animate & smoothen out certain things like walking, crouching, swimming, and more. The movement of your character is more fluid and realistic as compared to its Vanilla counterpart. It also changes how you attack and defend with certain weapons. This Mod is still under works but is worth having.

Morph Mod in Minecraft Education Edition

morph mod in minecraft education edition

This is a Mod that allows the player to morph into any of the Mobs in Minecraft Education Edition. All you have to do is install the Mod and type in the command \morph <Mob Number> and to return to normal just type \unmorph. This can allow you to do a lot of fun stuff like pranking your friends or do animal-related games like Dog & the Bone. You can get the Mod from the Youtube video made by Evro Craft.

Expansive Fantasy

This Mod brings the Fantasy realm to your Minecraft Education Edition world. Go on adventures by defeating hordes of Orcs and other evils, raise Dragons, explore new biomes, and kit yourself with the new additions to armor & weapons. This is the best Mod for Storytelling and couple it with the Mod above, it can make a School Play.

Backpacks Mod

Storage in Minecraft has always been a problem from the early days. Although now we have a few solutions to the problem like Ender Chests & Shulker Boxes, we can still use more storage solutions. That’s where this Mod comes into play. Backpacks can serve as additional traveling storage like Shulker Boxes. Having it around will make Building and Mining a lot easier.


pokedrock in minecraft education edition

Pokemon is a fan favorite show and game. So why not bring it to Minecraft Education Edition. Although Pixelmon exists, it’s not on every platform. Pokedrock adds Pokemon from the Johto region, so you can catch your favorite pokemon from the older generations. You can get the Mod for all platforms including Education Edition.

These were all of the Best Mods you can put in your world of Minecraft Education Edition. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like Minecraft Skin Compiler to Add Custom Skins in Education Edition.