How To Get T-Rex Fruit In Blox Fruits

Not sure where you can find the T-Rex Fruit in Blox Fruits? Here is how you can get it.

Transform into the Tyrannosaurus Rex by eating the latest T-Rex Fruit in Blox Fruits. Considered as the competition for another recently released fruit, Kitsune, this has been in high demand among the players. It is a Mythical rarity Beast type that can be used with or without transformation.

The fruit is completely focused on the damage aspect, even with its passive skills, making it perfect for those who rely on power-based attacks. So if you haven’t yet obtained it or want to but are not sure how you can, then you are at the right place.

Where to Find and How to Get T-Rex Fruit in Blox Fruits

How to Get T-Rex Fruit in Blox Fruits
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You can purchase the T-Rex Fruit in Blox Fruits from the Blox Fruit Dealer for the price of $2,700,000. It is a vendor NPC you’ll find in Starter Island, Middle Town, Dressrosa Docks (Second Sea), Cafe (Second Sea), Port Town (Third Sea), and Mansion (Third Sea). The fruit will not always be on the stock; if that happens, just wait for the stock to refresh and check again after it.

Alternatively, you can buy the T-Rex with the 2,350 Robux from the in-game shop. Currently, a time-limited Beast Bundle of 5999 Robux is offering T-Rex, Kitsune, Mammoth, and +$600,000 Cash. If you are planning to obtain both of these fruits and spending this amount of Robux is not an issue, then you should go for the bundle. Fruits will get stored and not replace your current one.

All Moves of T-Rex Fruit in Blox Fruits

  • Claw Slashes: By using this, you will perform four claw attacks, two alternatively and two simultaneously.
  • Bite (Transformed): This is also a set of four attacks, but here you will be biting the opponent and finishing the move with the roar.
  • Tail Swipe (Mastery 1): Perform the slashes that deal heavy damage to the enemy.
  • Predatory Screech (Mastery 50): Roar to stun the opponent in front of you.
  • Hunter’s Rage (Mastery 100): Sprint forward, bite the enemy, and then throw them on the ground.
  • Gigantic Leap (Mastery 200): Leap into the air and land smashing the ground.
  • Reptilian Scales (Mastery 300): Transform into T-Rex and normal. When transforming into T-Rex, meteorites will fall from the sky, dealing AoE damage.

With this, you can now get the T-Rex Fruit in Blox Fruits. The game has many powerful and unique Devil Fruits, Weapons, and Fighting Styles; if you are curious about them, you should check out the Blox Fruits section.