How To Get Kitsune Fruit In Blox Fruits

Wondering how to get Mythical Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit? Here is everything you need to know.

Blox Fruits is inspired by the famous manga and anime series One Piece, and so are its Devil Fruits. In the series, there is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit called Inu Inu no Mi, whose model is Kyubi no Kitsune. By eating the Fruit, you transform into the famous mythical entity Kitsune, a nine-tailed fox well-known in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese myths. So there isn’t any debate on the fact that this Devil Fruit would be very powerful and useful.

Therefore, all Blox Fruits players want to get their hands on Kitsune Fruit, as soon as they can. If you have been waiting for this special fruit to make an appearance in this game, here is how you can get this item and harness all its varied abilities.

Where to Find and How to Get Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruits

Where To Find And How To Get Kitsune Fruit In Blox Fruits
Source – WinterKloudz on YouTube

To get the most sought-after Devil fruit, players will have to purchase this mythical item from the special NPC called the Blox Fruit Dealer. He will sell this fruit for 8,000,000 in-game currency or 4,000 Robux. Therefore, make sure you have substantial funds before you decide to buy this item.

Additionally, you can also get this item by taking part in raids, such as the Castle on the Sea Raid, Ship Raid, and Factory Raid. However, during these raids, to obtain a random fruit as a reward, you will have to make sure your character deals the most amount of damage. However, the chances of you getting the Kitsune fruit through these raids will be extremely low.

Although it is currently the most expensive fruit in the game, it consist of powerful abilities that can completely transform your gameplay.

Kitsune Fruit Moveset in Blox Fruits

Kitsune Fruit Moveset In Blox Fruits
Source – WinterKloudz on YouTube

Kitsune Fruit Passive Abilities

  • Kitsune Tails

You will be able to passively gain three tails. However, you will not notice any ability when you get the first tail, once you have the second tail, you will have increased speed. Once you gain the third tail, you will be able to attack your opponents using three glowing orbs.

  • Spirit Beast of the Sea

Once it has transformed, you will be able to walk on water.

  • Kitsune Mount

Once transformed, your character can be mounted by another known player.

Kitsune Fruit Normal Moveset

  • Accursed Enchantment – 1 Mastery

If you are able to land this attack, the opponent is struck with blue flames. However, if you miss, this move creates an AOE, that will help you take out all the neighboring enemies in one go.

  • Tails of Burning Agony- 50 Mastery

When you use this move, your blue fire attack will follow a zig-zag pattern, before hitting your opponent, which, if used precisely, lets you defeat more than 2 enemies at a time.

  • Fox Fire Disruption – 100 Mastery

This attack will erupt a huge ball of blue flames, that will indirectly end all the enemies that are next to you.

  • Wild Assault – 200 Mastery

You will be able to dash forward while attacking your opponent and be able to use your claws to deal damage.

  • Transformation – 300 Mastery

During this move, your character will be able to fully transform into Kitsune. You will be able to walk on water, jump higher than usual, and your attacks will deal higher damage.

With this, we wrap up our guide on how to get Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruits. Until you are collecting in-game currency to purchase this powerful fruit, there are many OP Devil Fruits and weapons in the game and you can get those by using our Blox Fruits guides. Start with how to get Hallow Scythe and then find the Anchor Legendary Sword, right here on Gamer Tweak.