How To Get Shark Anchor Legendary Sword In Blox Fruits

Searching for the Shark Anchor Legendary Sword in Blox Fruits? Here is an easy guide you can follow to get this weapon.

In Blox Fruits, getting the Shark Anchor, a Legendary Sword, can help you defeat bosses and other NPCs easily. In this game, players can take part in quests, explore all different areas of the map, and defeat tough bosses to level up faster. The best way to get rid of enemies fast is to own a powerful weapon. In this guide, we will give you all the steps you need to take to get this legendary sword that deals high damage.

Blox Fruits: How to get Shark Anchor Legendary Sword

How To Get Shark Anchor Legendary Sword In Blox Fruits
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The process to get this sword is quite complicated, however, you can use the steps mentioned below to understand it easily.

First, you will need to go and visit the Shark Hunter NPC, who is located in the Third Sea, at Tiki Outpost. When you interact with him, he will ask you to create two accessories for him. You can then agree to craft it for him. Now, go ahead a select a recipe, your options will be, ‘Tooth Necklace’, ‘Terror Jaw’, and a hidden one titled ‘Locked’. Your main goal here is to unlock this hidden item and find the materials to craft it. Keep reading to understand how you can do this.

How to unlock and craft Monster Magnet

  • Tap on the Tooth Necklace first to start this process, you will require two materials to craft it, 1 Mutant Tooth and 5 Shark Teeth.
  • The second one is the Terror Jaw accessory and to craft this you will require 1 Terror Eyes 2 Mutant Teeth, 5 Shark Teeth, and 10 Fool’s Gold.
  • Once you have successfully crafted both these accessories the third ‘Locked’ accessory from the list will be changed into ‘Monster Magnet’. To craft this one, you will require 2 Terror Eyes, 8 Electric Wings, 20 Fool’s Gold, and 10 Shark Teeth. Once you have crafted it, you will notice that it is a Valuable Mythical Item.

How to use Monster Magnet to get Shark Anchor Sword

After you have this item with you, go to Sea Danger Level 2 – 6. Here, an extremely powerful enemy named, Terror Shark will appear. He is difficult to beat, as his health is 195,000. Once he spawns, you will have to defeat him in combat so that he drops the weapon you are looking for. If you need, you can take help of someone else to defeat this enemy boss, as only the person with the Monster Magnet gets the sword.

Once you have defeated the shark, he will drop the Shark Anchor Sword. This Legendary Weapon consists of two moves, Typhoon Toss and Armor Break.

We have covered all the steps you need to take to obtain the Shark Anchor Legendary Sword in Blox Fruits. If you found this guide helpful, you can also continue reading about how you can get Gravity Cane and Saddi location, available here on Gamer Tweak.

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