How To Get Hallow Scythe In Blox Fruits

Not sure how and where to find Hallow Scythe in Blox Fruits? This guide will help you get the weapon.

There are a bunch of weapons that you can obtain from the different islands of the Blox Fruits. Depending on the Devil Fruit you use, you’ll find something that compliments your fight style. Plus, they keep introducing new ones regularly. Some can be obtained easily just with purchase, while others take you through a long process. One of the weapons that requires you to invest time is the Mythical Hallow Scythe. Here we have given the simplest way to get Hallow Scythe in Blox Fruits.

The process of obtaining Hallow Scythe is pretty straightforward, yet somewhat complicated to even start its hunt with the other items required. So collect the item we have mentioned and follow the steps as they are to get the weapon faster.

How to Obtain Hallow Scythe in Blox Fruits

How to Obtain Hallow Scythe in Blox Fruits
Image Credit: AstraPlayzRobloX

You get Hallow Scythe as a drop from a level 2100 Soul Reaper Raid Boss. There is a 5% chance that the boss will drop this weapon. But Soul Reaper has to be summoned using Hallow Essence in Haunted Castle. And the Castle is in the Third Sea.

  • Now, there are two ways to obtain Hallow Essence in the Blox Fruits. The first way is to find Gravestone NPC at the Haunted Castle and pray. The NPC appears at night and gives Beli, Fragments, The Devil’s Luck title, or Hallow Essence.
  • The second method is to meet the Death King in Haunted Castle and use random exchange. The exchange requires 50 Bones, so make sure you have enough bones to repeat the exchange till Hallow Essence is obtained. You can get Bones from the Cursed Chests, Bone Wraith, Possessed Mummy, and Soul Reaper.
  • Once you have obtained Hallow Essence using any of the methods, use it to summon the Soul Reaper from the same place, Haunted Castle.
  • Keep summoning and defeating him till you get the Hallow Scythe in Blox Fruits. While fighting this Raid Boss it is suggested to use high-damage Fruits like Spider, Buddha, Venom, and Dragon.

That’s all you have to do to get Hallow Scythe in Blox Fruits. If you found this guide useful, and are looking for more Blox Fruits guides, skim through our list. Start by learning how to get off Prison and then read where to find Harpoon.