How To Get And Use Hallow Essence In Blox Fruits

Paarth Wadke
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In Blox Fruits, the Hallow Essence is used to summon the Raid Boss Soul Reaper, so many players wonder how to get and use it. In this game based on One Piece, you can fight formidable bosses to get drops or rewards. With these, you can upgrade your character’s skills or gear. However, some bosses need specific items for summoning. The Soul Reaper is a level 2100 boss you can beat to get rewards like the Hallow Scythe.

Blox Fruits: How to Get Hallow Essence

Get Hallow Essence at the Gravestone NPC
Image Source: Blox Fruits fandom

In Blox Fruits, these are the two ways to get Hallow Essence:

  1. Random Surprise from Death King
  2. Praying at the Gravestone NPC

Random Surprise from Death King

The Death King NPC is located in the Haunted Castle in the Third Sea. This NPC will give you rewards at random in exchange for 50 Bones. To get Bones, you’ll have to kill NPCs at the Haunted Castle. Once you get enough bones, you can interact with Death King to get the Hallow Essence. Note that there is a 2.5% chance that you’ll get this item so keep trying till you do.

Praying at the Gravestone NPC

You can find the Gravestone NPC in the Haunted Castle as well near the Death King. You can only interact with this NPC at night. Once you interact with it, you’ll get two dialogue options:

  • Try Your Luck
  • Pray

Select the Pray option to get the Hallow Essence from the Gravestone NPC. You may also get items like God’s Chalice, $100,000 Beli, 1,000 Fragments, or “The Devil’s Luck” title. However, if you select the Pray option during a full moon, you’ll get to play a puzzle where you can get the Soul Guitar.

How to Use Hallow Essence in Blox Fruits

Use Hallow Essence at Soul Reaper summoning altar
Image Source: Blox Fruits fandom

As we mentioned, you can use the Hallow Essence in Blox Fruits to summon the Soul Reaper. Head over to the altar with the blue flame next to the Death King and the Gravestone NPC. Make sure that the Hallow Essence is in your inventory. The Soul Reaper will spawn once you’re close enough to the altar.

To find the Soul Reaper, head over to the back area of the Haunted Castle. Then, go to the first floor and follow the narrow path till you reach the battle arena.

That’s everything from us on how to get and use Hallow Essence in Blox Fruits. While you’re here, make sure you check out the best fighting style for Buddha fruit.

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