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Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Sizzlefin Trout Fishing Guide (TOTK)

Cook different resistive recipes and upgrade armor pieces with Sizzlefin Trout of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Catch Sizzlefin Trout in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom to cook a cold resistive recipe like Spicy Fish Skewers. Sizzlefin Trout belongs to the Trout fish family, which has four Trout fishes, including Sizzlefin. Chillfin Trout, Voltfin Trout, and Stealthfin Trout are the other three fishes of the Trout family, if you have hunted any of these fishes, you will recognize this Sizzlefin with ease. The fish is a crucial ingredient not only for cold resistive recipes but is needed for a few armor piece upgrades and can be sold for in-game currency too.

Where to Find Sizzlefin Trout Fishes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Sizzlefin Trout Location Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom
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Sizzlefin Trout is found in the warm regions of Eldin Canyon and Hebra Mountains. To be exact, you catch this fish from the Hot Springs of these locations. Sherfin’s Secret Hot Spring, Sturnida Secret Hot Spring, and Goflam’s Secret Hot Spring of Hebra Mountains are prominent locations to fish Sizzlefin Trout in Tears of the Kingdom. Apart from these three Hot springs, Goron Hot Springs of Eldin Canyon is also suitable for hunting these fishes.

The best way to catch these fishes is by killing them with Shock Fruits. Once they are dead, you can swim and collect them. If you are fishing at dawn, you might have to deal with fog, so you should take pictures of the fish and use Sensor+ to find them. The fishes respawn after some time, so you can hunt them whenever needed.

How to Use Sizzlefin Trout in TOTK

You require Sizzlefin Trout for the final upgrade of Ember Headdress, Ember Shirt, and Ember Trousers. Also, apart from cold resistance, you can use this fish for Dark Stew that gives Gloom Resistance. And all Trouts, including Sizzlefin, can be exposed to cold for Heat Resistance. Several recipes use this fish to give more Hearts and resistance of various kinds, so if you are curious, check this TOTK recipe guide.

With this, you can now get Sizzlefin Trout in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Hyrule water consists of many kinds of fish used for armor upgrades, resistive recipes, and more. So if you are searching for more fishing guides, check how to get Hyrule Bass and where to find Ancient Arowana.