Best Heat & Cold Resistance Recipes Zelda TOTK

Want to explore all the regions of Hyrule from hot to cold? Here is our guide on the list of all the best Heat & Cold Resistance Recipes in Tears Of The Kingdom.

Exploration in Tears Of The Kingdom can let players go through different regions of Hyrule from frigid cold to sweltering hot weather. And these weather can directly affect Link’s health in the game there is so much you can do to avoid this, chief of which are Meals and Elixirs. Meals and Elixir if cooked properly can have certain properties that the players can add as an advantage for themselves throughout their campaign. There are so many recipes in the game that you can try and get a buff accordingly. Here is a guide on all the best Heat & Cold Resistance Recipes in Zelda TOTK.

Best Heat & Cold Resistance Recipes Zelda TOTK

To have proper meals and elixirs and to get the desired resistance it is essential to cook the items with proper recipes. Here is a list of recipes you can try to have heat & cold resistance in Tears Of The Kingdom

Heat Resistance Recipes Zelda TOTK

heat resistance zelda totk

Regions like the Gerudo desert can be searing hot for players to go through. Players will have to make use of recipes to beat the heat and have some resistance to make things easier for them.

  • Meal Recipes
    • Chilly Mushroom Skewers= 5 Chillshrooms
    • Chilly Steamed Mushroom= 4 Chillshrooms + 1 Hyrule Herb
    • Chilly Simmered Fruit= 5 Hyrdomelon
    • Chilly Mushroom Risotto= 1 Chillshroom + 1 Hylian Rice + 1 Goat Butter + 1 Rock Salt
    • Chilly Fish Skewers= 5 Chillfin Trout
  • Elixir
    • Chilly Elixir= Winterwing Butterfly/Cold Darner + Monster Part

It is worth noting that you can also add cold Safflina to meals for heat resistance. You can find Hydromelon in abundance in the Gerudo Desert.

Cold Resistance Recipes Zelda TOTK

cold resistance zelda totk

Snowy regions like Hebra Mountains will need you to have recipes that would keep you warm. You can use Sunshrooms and Spicy Peppers which can be found in snowy regions.

  • Meal Recipes
    • Spicy Simmered Fruit= 1 Spicy Pepper + 1 Apple
    • Spicy Sauteed Peppers= 5 Spicy Peppers
    • Spicy Mushroom Skewers= 5 Sunshrooms
    • Spicy Steamed Mushrooms= 4 Sunshrooms + 1 Hyrule Herb
    • Spicy Fish Skewers= 5 Sizzlefin Trout
  • Elixir
    • Spicy Elixir= Warm Darner/Summerwing Butterfly + Monster Part

All the above meal recipes will give you a resistance of above 10 minutes and the resistance of the Elixirs will depend on the monster parts used.

That is everything on the list of all the best heat & cold-resistance dishes. Here is our guide on the Heat Resistance Armor to get you through the heat in Zelda TOTK.

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