How To Get Heat Resistant Armor In Zelda TOTK

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In Zelda Tears of The Kingdom (TOTK), you’ll need heat-resistant armor to explore places like the Gerudo Desert. In these blinding hot areas, you will take damage and lose your health over time. With enough damage, you’re bound to lose Link’s life to the heat. However, you can survive the heat with the right gear and this guide will tell you where to find it in ToTK.

Heat Resistant Armor Locations in Zelda ToTK

The Desert Voe Armor Set in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom provides heat resistance in hot areas like the Gerudo Desert. The total price of this armor is 2,400 Rupees and you must go to two shops to purchase the whole set. The first one is simple to reach but the other one is well hidden.

Desert Voe Armor Set Location

Heat Resistant Armor location in Zelda ToTK
Image Source: WoW Quests on YouTube

The Desert Voe armor set consists of a Headband, Trousers, and Spaulders. To get the Desert Voe Headband, head over to the Gerudo Desert and go to the coordinates (-3723, -2549, 0023) to find the Kara Kara Bazaar. Then, talk to Saula and purchase the headband for 450 Rupees. The Desert Voe Trousers and Spaulders are located in the Gerudo Secret Club. To reach this club:

  1. Go to Gerudo Town and jump down the water canal at the coordinates (-3793, -2904, 0044).
  2. Then, swim to the right and use a Hammer or a Bomb Flower Arrow to break the blocked entrance.
  3. Take the left, climb the wall, and break the next blockage.
  4. Go left once again and stand on the ground before the puddle at coordinates (-3791, -2919, 0032).
  5. Use Ascend to reach the Gerudo Secret Club.

You can buy the rest of the heat-resistant Desert Voe Armor at this club. The spaulders will cost you 1,300 Rupees and the trousers will be 650 Rupees. Apart from the Desert Voe Armor, you can also increase heat resistance with recipes and elixirs.


That’s all from us on where to get the Desert Voe Armor to raise your heat resistance in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom. Contrary to this, if you’re in the cold areas, check out our guide on Cold Resistance Recipes in our ToTK guides section.

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