Tears Of The Kingdom: Ancient Arowana Fish Locations In (TotK)

Suraj Nai
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It’s not just you. Many players seek locations to find Ancient Arowana fish in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). This fish is a vital item required to restore the Zora Armor Chest Piece given by Sidon’s Fiancée, Yona. As the fish belongs to an ancient and extinct species, it only spawns in a few locations. So let us save you the trip to Dento the Blacksmith for the fish’s whereabouts. With that said, go ahead and scroll down for more details.

Land of Sky Fish: Where to Find Ancient Arowana in TotK

catch Ancient Arowana zelda totk
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To find Ancient Arowana Fish location in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK), you’ll have to search for it in the ponds around the Great Sky Island. Or the location where Dento, the Blacksmith, pointed you in, in the Mipha Court, near the Shatterback Point. If you’re interested in the Great Sky Island locations, check out the map below.

Ancient Arowana Fish Locations zelda tears of the kingdom
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  1. The first location is on the west side of Great Sky Island. Near the small bridge, you’ll spot a waterfall. And in the same pond, you’ll find some Ancient Arowana fishes. (Coordinates: 0040 -1295 1389)
  2. Another location is on the slight northeast side of Great Sky Island near the Temple of Time. In this area, you’ll be able to catch a good amount of Ancient Arowana fishes. (Coordinates: 0561, -0948, 1414) Location credits go to Lafay Gaming.
  3. On the northwest side of Great Sky Island, this pond can also be a good place to catch the fishes. (Coordinates: 0247 -1081, 1409) Location credits go to Lafay Gaming.
  4. Last but not least, on the northwest side of the map you’ll find the last location to get the fish you are looking for.
 Dento the Blacksmith Ancient Arowana Fish Location Zelda TOTK
Source Image: MapGenie
  • Mipha Court on the Overworld is where Dento the Blacksmith will point you to. Head there, take the stairs, and walk toward the Shatterback Point. The pond under the bridge will contain the Ancient Arowana fish you seek. (Coordinates: 3765, 0432, 0536)

To catch the fish, you must dash into them or hit them with your arrow. Once you have enough of them, head to Yona, and she’ll repair the chest piece, which allows you to swim through waterfalls. Check out our complete Zora Armor set guide to get the other armor pieces.

That covers the locations to find Ancient Arowana Fish in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). If this armor doesn’t suit you, check out how to get the Yiga Armor set. Also, look at the Recipes list to make some tasty food in the game.