How To Get SG-225 Breaker In Helldivers 2

Can I interest you in SG 225 Breaker? Perhaps you might have heard of it as one of the best guns in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 has quite an abundance of weapons when you take into account its primary & secondary guns and grenades. However, there is one particular gun that stands out from the rest. It is a shotgun that is not just useful in close ranges, but also works well in medium ranges and can be used in a pinch for long-distance fights. So here is how you can get yourself the original SG 225 Breaker in Helldivers 2, its variants, and why you should use it.

How to Get the Original SG 225 Breaker in Helldivers 2

How To Get SG 225 Breaker In Helldivers 2
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. Unlock the Original SG-225 Breaker from Warbond in Helldivers 2.

You can unlock the SG-225 Breaker by spending 20 Medals on Page 4 of the Helldivers Mobilize! Warbond. There is a catch though, aside from the Medals needed for the gun, you also have to spend additional 75 Medals on Page 3 of the Warbond for other upgrades to unlock the Page 4. So if you are just starting to play, you should collect 95 Medals for it. Assuming you are done with that, here is what you have to do:

  1. Go to your ship and open the Acquisition Center. On PC you can Press the R key for it.
  2. Next, access the Warbonds tab. Here you can select between Standard or Premium Warbonds.
  3. Now, go to Page 4. Here you can find the gun.
  4. Select the SG-225 Breaker and then click on the Claim Item button.
  5. You can now equip it from the Armory.

This Shotgun also has two variants that you can unlock later on as you progress, here is how to get them:

  • SG-225SP Breaker Spray&Pray
    • How to Unlock: Spend 60 Medals for it on Page 9 of Helldivers Mobilize! Warbond.
  • SG-2251E Breaker Incendiary
    • How to Unlock: Spend 60 Medals for it on Page 3 of Steeled Veterans (Premium Battle Pass) Warbond.

Why You Should Use SG-225 Breaker?

The biggest reason why you should use it is because you can get it very early on, around as low as level 7. This makes it one of the best early-game weapons. Its stats are as follows:

  • Damage: 330
  • Capacity: 16
  • Recoil: 30
  • Fire Rate: 300
  • Passive: Light Armor Penetrating

You should especially use it if you are playing Solo. It can help you deal with Chargers easily.

That is all on how you can get the original Breaker SG-225 in Helldivers 2. Since you like this game I suggest you also check our guides on how to customize your character, get boosters, and change armor.