How To Change Your Armor In Helldivers 2

Tired of the boring same look in every mission? Here is how you can change your armor in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 can be a really fun game when you are fighting off hoards of enemies with your friends. One of the features that many players want to know about is how they can change their Armor. This is one of those games where what your character wears might not feel very important but being able to play with it definitely helps.

For instance, this game has friendly fire, so knowing what your friend looks like may help you troll them by “accidentally” firing at them. Aside from that it is still needed if you want to equip something with the best stats. So here is all that you should know about armor customization in Helldivers 2 and if you can transmog and change its colors.

How to Change Armor in Helldivers 2

How To Change Armor In Helldivers 2
Image Credits: HardReset.Info on YouTube. Changing your Armor in Helldivers 2.

You can change your armor from the Armory in your ship.

  1. While inside your ship go to the Armory and interact with it.
  2. Here you get several tabs like:
    • Weaponry
    • Armory
    • Character
    • Booster
    • Career
  3. Click on the second Armory tab.
  4. Now, you get 3 Sub-tabs:
    • Armor
    • Helmet
    • Cape
  5. Click on the sub-tab that you want to change.
    • For example, clicking on armor opens up your inventory and shows you the different armor you have for example Medium Armor. You can also check its stats like Speed, Armor Rating, Stamina Regen, and Armor Passive.
  6. Equip the one that you like, similarly change the other pieces of armor as per your preference.

Try going for armor sets that give you the best stats and passive.

Can You Change Armor Color or Transmog in Helldivers 2?

No at the time of writing this guide, there seems to be no option for you to change the color of your Armor. Sadly there also seems to be no transmog feature. In case you aren’t sure of what transmogging is or how it works, it lets you use an armor while adding the skin of another armor piece on top of it.

So for example if you like the looks of Armor A but find the stats of Armor B more useful. Then with the help of transmogging, you can equip Armor B and still have the looks of Armor A. However for now you are stuck between going with a full set for looks or mixed sets for stats.

That is all for how you can change your Armor in this game. While you are here don’t forget to check our Helldivers 2 section. Here you can find help on several topics like how to get Warbonds, solo play the game, join a public game, add friends, and more.