How To Customize Your Character In Helldivers 2

Want to stand out from the rest of your squad? You should customize your character in Helldivers 2.

Character Customization is an important feature in most games and Helldivers 2 is no exception to this rule. While the game gives you a handful of options for it, it is still worth playing around with. It not only lets you change your body type but you also get to emote, victory pose, and other traits. So here is how it works:

How to Customize Character in Helldivers 2

How To Customize Your Character In Helldivers 2
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. How to Change your character’s body type, voice, and more in Helldivers 2.

You can customize your character from your ship’s Armory. This is also the place where you can change your armor, equip your boosters, and more.

  1. Go and interact with the Armory in your ship.
  2. You get access to the following tabs:
    • Weaponry
    • Armory
    • Character
    • Booster
    • Career
  3. Click on the third tab which is Character.
  4. Now, you get the following Sub-tabs:
    • Body Type
    • Voice Pack
    • Emote
    • Victory Pose
    • Player Card
    • Title
  5. Click on any of the sub-tabs that you want to edit and you can find more options inside.
    • For now, for the body type you can only select between Brawny and Lean. Brawny makes your character look a bit bulkier, while lean makes it look slimmer. As for voice packs you have 4 options to choose from 2 male voices and 2 female voices. Similarly, you can find more options in other tabs.
  6. Equip them as per your liking.

Once done you can see your character changes applied.

Do note that these changes won’t be as significant and you should focus more on changing your armor. That is actually where you can see any noticeable difference. When you change that you get to switch between your Helmet, Armor, and Cape. Not only do they stand out more but also affect the stats your character has like Speed, Armor Passive, and more.

That is all for how character customization works in Helldivers 2. Since you like playing this game, I suggest you also check our other guides on how to deal with Chargers, play solo, and join a public game.