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Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get & Use Rockcore

Here is how you can find Rockcore in ToF.

In Tower of Fantasy, you should find and get Rockcore. It is a basic resource that you can use to upgrade your Grevious weapons in the game. But this resource can be tricky to find, as it isn’t immediately clear where you can get them from. So in this guide let us check how to get and use rock core in Tower of Fantasy (ToF).


How to get Rockcore in Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy tof get rock core

There are two main ways to get Rockcore in ToF.

  • Destroying Crystal Nodes: Different Crystal nodes in this game drop different cores. For example, the red ones drop firecore, white drop icecore, and purple drop magcore. But there is no particular crystal for rockcore. While this may appear as a disadvantage, the good thing is you can break every crystal node in the game to get it. It won’t be a guaranteed drop but all of them have a chance to drop it.
    • Since all crystal nodes work you don’t need a specific location. Just break any node that you come across.
  • Buying them
    • Weapon Store: You can purchase 1 Rockcore from the weapon store using 1 Black Gold. And the daily purchase limit for it is 10. To get Black Gold, do special orders using Black or Gold Nuclei.
    • Support Store: The support store sells you 1 Rockcore for 100 Support points. The daily purchase limit is 10 here as well.

How to Use Rockcore

You can use Rockcore in two ways:

  • Enhancing Grevious weapons: Use a rock core to upgrade the grievous weapons in the game. After a point though, rockcores will no longer help you directly upgrade them. Since they are only a basic resource.
  • Getting upgraded resources: The second way you can use rock cores is by fusing them. This will give you upgraded resources that you can use to further upgrade the grievous weapons. Here are the recipes that you can craft after fusing:
    • Heart of Summit: 4 Rockcore
    • Landsource: 5 Heart of Summit or 20 Rockcore

That covers this guide on how to get rock core in Tower of Fantasy (ToF) & how to use it. Be sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy section to get help on topics like how to get nemesis, change avatar, and more.