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Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get & Use Icecore

Here is how you can find Icecore in ToF.

While playing Tower of Fantasy you should get your hands on some Icecore. This resource is needed when you want to enhance your ice elemental weapons. These weapons include Icewind Arrow, Absolute Zero, Rosy Edge, and more. But while it is easy to know that you need this resource, knowing how to get it can be a bit of a hassle. So in this guide let us check where to find Icecore in Tower of Fantasy and how to use it.


How to get Icecore in Tower of Fantasy

how to get and use icecores in tower of fantasy tof
Image Credit: DibuckTV on YouTube

There are two ways to get Icecore in ToF.

  • Breaking Icecore Crystal Nodes: For this method, you should go exploring the game’s open world. Many times you will come across crystal nodes. You can recognize them by their color. They give off a faint white aura. Destroy these nodes and you can get Icecore. There is a catch though, and that is you can only break them using ice weapons. Although, if you don’t have an ice weapon you can also throw a Frost Core at it. These enemy creatures should be nearby the crystal nodes.
    • The most common areas where you can find these nodes are in snowy regions or at the top of mountains.
  • Buying them: You can buy an Icecore from the weapon store in exchange for a Black Gold. They have a daily purchase limit of 10 Icecores. And to get Gold Black you need to do special orders using Gold or Black Nuclei.

How to Use Icecore

There are two main uses of Icecore. The first use is to enhance your Ice elemental weapons. Depending on the stage your weapon is in, the basic resource will be enough to level it up. But as you keep leveling it, you will need higher resources. And that is where its second use comes in.

You can fuse it to get higher resources. So fusing 4 Icecores gives you 1 Heart of Winter. You can further fuse this resource to get an even stronger resource. Here are the crafting recipes for them both:

  • Heart of Winter: 4x Icecore
  • Snowsource: 5x Heart of Winter. That means you will need 20 Icecores to get 1 Snowsource.

That covers this guide on where to find  Icecore in Tower of Fantasy (ToF) and how to use it. Since you like playing this game check out our Tower of Fantasy section to get help on more such topics.