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Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get Nemesis

This is how you can get Nemesis in ToF.

Nemesis is an SSR character in Tower of Fantasy that many players want to get. She is a Support character and her element is Volt. The weapon she uses is called Venus and it is of the EM Blaster type. She is one of the strongest support characters you can add to your team. But unlocking her isn’t exactly simple. So in this guide let us check how to unlock Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy (ToF).

How to Get Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy tof get nemesis

In order to get Nemesis in this game, you need to do special orders using Red Nuclei. Special Orders are nothing but his game’s gacha mechanism. It is similar to how you have banners in Genhsin Impact. And Red Nuclei are nothing but the currency that you use to make these pulls. So here is what you have to do to get Nemesis:

  1. Start Tower of Fantasy.
  2. From the main screen tap on the hexagonal button.
  3. This will bring up the menu.
  4. Here, tap on Special Orders.
  5. Now on the left side, you will see different buttons.
  6. Click on Rebirth of Clemency. This will show you the drop rates of the rewards. The pulls here are referred to as orders.

For every 10 orders, you have a chance to get an SR or SSR drop. And you are guaranteed to receive an SSR drop on your 80th order. The base probability that you will get Nemesis in your order is 0.75%. And the overall probability which includes guaranteed drops is 2%.

Thus in order to get Nemesis, you will have to keep making pulls using Red Nuclei until you get her. But there are two problems here. The first is that this special order is time limited. So once her banner is gone we don’t know when you will get her back again. And the second problem is Red Nucleus is the rarest Nucleus in the game. You have a better chance of earning Black and Gold Nuclei by just playing the game.

But not all is bad, the good news is you can still get Red Nucleus in exchange for 150 Dark Crystals. I suggest you check our dedicated guide on how to get Red Nucleus to learn other ways to get it.

That covers this guide on how to unlock Red Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy (ToF). Since you like playing this game you might find these guides useful on how to change your avatar, get to Cetus island, and delete your character. And for more help with this game check out our Tower of Fantasy guides.