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Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get & Use Red Nucleus

Here is how you can get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy.

Many Players are looking for ways to get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy. This is one of the three different nuclei present in the game the other two being Gold and Black. As per the game’s description, it is a dark sphere generated from an unknown influence of Omnium, that shines a scarlet light. It is primarily used to get weapons with Limited Orders. And while you can obtain the other two easily, getting this can be a lot more troublesome. So in this guide let us check how to get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy and how to use it.

How to Get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy get and use red nucleus

The best way to get Red Nucleus in this game is to buy it for 150 Dark Crystals.

  1. Open the Shop in Tower of Fantasy.
  2. Go to the Hot tab.
  3. Here you can buy a Red Nucleus for 150 Dark Crystals.

Other than that you can also get Red Nucleus from Limited Gift Packs. You can buy these using Tanium that you have to spend real money to get. So sadly this isn’t a free method.

  1. Open the Shop and go to the Limited Gift Pack tab.
  2. Here, purchase the Pack that offers you Red Nucleus based on the amount of Tanium you have.

How to Use Red Nucleus

You can use Red Nucleus in this game to pull weapons from limited-time banners. You can also get limited SSR characters from such banners. But the problem is the characters have an extremely low drop rate. So you need to spend a lot of Red Nucleus to be able to get them. Since this is a Gacha game the chance you get an item is completely random. So you can pull it on your first try if you are very lucky or it can take several tries before you actually get the character or weapon you are looking for.

That covers this guide on how to get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy and how to use it. Since you like playing this game also check our other guides on how to change your character’s appearance and use preset. And for more help on other similar games be sure to check out Gamer Tweak.