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How To Delete Character In Tower Of Fantasy?

Is it possible to delete your character in ToF if you don't like what it's become?

Can you delete your character in Tower Of Fantasy and restart the adventure? This question is on the minds of players who may not like how their character has turned out. The game, which has been compared to Genshin Impact, relies on the Gacha system for characters, so is there a way to start over? Here’s everything you need to know about deleting your character in ToF.

Can you Delete your Character in Tower Of Fantasy?

At the time of writing this article, there’s no option to delete your character in ToF. But there are workarounds for it – you can either choose a different server or create a new account altogether. This will give you the opportunity to start afresh on a brand new journey because character progress does not carry over when you switch servers. The second option is for those who prefer to stick to the current server to play with friends.

Different Server

Pick a server that’s best suited for you – there are 27 servers in Asia Pacific, 18 in South America, 20 in Southeast Asia, 21 in NA and 30 in EU and the server count may increase in the future as the hype for the game rises.

How to Change Server in Tower of Fantasy

how to change switch server tof

  • Once you load up the game, click on the button at center of the screen, at the bottom. That’s your current server.
  • Once you click on your server name, you will see the server list for ToF.
  • Choose the server where you live or is closest to where you live.
  • The color next to the server name indicates its current state. It can be under maintenance, smoothly functioning, hot/popular or queue.

New Account

If you want to stay on the same server, all you have to do is to create a new account and play through it. Join the same server you preferred earlier and start your adventure all over again.

Players can use these workarounds as we wait for the developers to add the option to delete a character in Tower of Fantasy. The game is packed with loads of hidden content and if you need help with something, our ToF guides will help you out.