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Tower Of Fantasy: How Gacha System Works

This is how the Gacha system works in ToF.

Many Tower of Fantasy players wants the game’s gacha system explained. If you are new to gacha games then it can feel very intimidating. But worry not the system in ToF is far more understandable than some other games. This game even shows you the number of pulls you need to make for getting the weapon that you want. So in this guide let us check how the gacha system works in Tower of Fantasy (ToF).

How Gacha System Works in Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy how gacha system works
Image Credit: SevyPlays on YouTube

The Gacha system in this game is known as Special Orders. Special Orders are nothing but the banner mechanism. In this game, your weapons are very important. As long as you have the weapon you can give it to any character to use. There are three different banners that have different pities.

  1. Open the Hexagonal menu.
  2. Click on the Special Orders.
  3. Here you have two options
    • Choice Weapons
    • Rebirth of Clemency

In Choice Weapons, you can swap between Black Nucleus Cache and Gold Nucleus Cache.

The special order where you pull using Gold Nucleus has 2 soft pities. One is at the 30th pull and the second at the 80th pull. You are guaranteed to get an SR or SSR weapons after 10 orders. And the 80th pull guarantees you an SSR weapon.

As for the special order where you pull using Black Nucleus, it has no soft pities. Black Nuclei are rarer than Gold Nuclei. In order to find which Nucleus you are spending check the color of the Nuclei beside the Order button.

Finally, we have Red Nucleus. This is the rarest currency you can use for pulls. You can spend it at Rebirth of Clemency. This banner has limited-time weapons that you can pull. And as the name suggests when the time is up you can no longer get them. The pity system for Red Nucleus is the same as that for Gold Nucleus. That means you get guaranteed pulls at 30th and 80th pull.

You can get Gold & Black Nuclei for free while playing the game. So it is better if you don’t spend your Dark Crystals to buy this Nuclei. As for the Red one, we have a dedicated guide on how to get Red Nucleus, I suggest you check it to learn more about it.

That covers this guide on how the gacha system works in Tower of Fantasy (ToF). Since you like playing this game check out our other guides on how to disable motion blur, level up, and all omnium tower locations.