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Tower Of Fantasy: How To Change Avatar

Here is how you can change your Avatar in ToF.

In Tower of Fantasy, you can change your Avatar to give your profile a personalized touch. And while this feature is neat, the setting where you change it can be hard to find for many players. But once you find it you can unlock new avatars and frames and change them to your heart’s content. So in this guide let us check how to change your Avatar & its frame in Tower of Fantasy (ToF).

How to Change your Avatar in Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy tof how to change avatar

  1. Launch Tower of Fantasy.
  2. Click or on the hexagonal button on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Here, click on the backpack option.
  4. This will open up your inventory.
  5. Click on the Character button on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  6. This will move your character to the left and you will see several options on your right.
  7. Click on the profile icon. You can find it to the left of your name, it has your gender above it.
  8. This will open up a popup that shows you all the Avatars available in the game. These include both locked and unlocked Avatars.
  9. Select the new Avatar that you want to try and click on the Use button.
  10. After you use it you can see “Equipped” on your current Avatar.

How to Change your Avatar Frame

The process to change the Avatar frame is very similar to that of changing your Avatar.

  1. Launch Tower of Fantasy and open the hexagonal menu.
  2. Click on Backpack here and tap on the Character button.
  3. Next, click on the Profile icon and then tap on the Avatar Frame button.
  4. Now choose the Avatar Frame that you want to equip and click on Use.

This will change your Avatar Frame.

Make sure you tap on the Avatar and not on the Gender icon. Clicking on it will allow you to change your gender in the game.

That covers this guide on how to change your Avatar in Tower of Fantasy (ToF) and how to change its frame. Since you like playing this game be sure to check our other guides on how to get to Cetus island, get SSR weapons, get the cybernetic arm, and amusement park tickets. And for more help on this game check out our Tower of Fantasy section.