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Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get & Use Magcore

This is how you can find Magcore in ToF.

Magcore is one of the many resources that you can find in Tower of Fantasy. You use it to enhance your Volt weapons. This resource can be particularly problematic to find. But once you know what to look for, you will have a ton of them in no time. So in this guide let us check how to get Magcore in Tower of Fantasy (ToF) and how to use them.


How to Get Magcore in Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy tof where to find magcores

There are 2 ways you can get Magcore in ToF.

  • Purchasing them: There are two places where you can buy Magcore.
    • Weapon Store: You can buy 1 Magcore from the weapon store in exchange for 1 Black Gold. The daily purchase limit for Magcore is 10.
    • Support Store: This store sells you 1 Magcore in exchange for 100 support points. Just like the weapon store the daily purchase limit for Magcore is 10 here as well.
  • Destroying Purple Crystal nodes: Start by exploring the area you are in. Look for Crystal nodes that are purple in color. Once found destroy them using a Volt weapon. The volt weapon is important as without it you won’t be able to break it. In case you don’t have a Volt weapon then find and throw a Volt Core at the Purple crystal.
    • There are other crystal nodes in the game like white nodes that give you icecore and red nodes that give you firecore.

How to Use Magcore

There are two uses of Magcore in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Enhancing Volt weapons: You can use them to upgrade your Volt weapons to make them better.
  • Getting better resources: Magcore is a basic upgrade resource. As you keep leveling up your weapons you will eventually need better resources to keep upgrading them. And to get better resources you will need to fuse multiple Magcores. Here are the resources that you get after fusing Magcores:
    • Heart of Lightning: 4 Magcores
    • Lightningsource: 5 Heart of Lightning or 20 Magcores

That sums up this guide on how to get and use Magcore in Tower of Fantasy (Tof). Since you like playing this game check out our other guides on where to find poultry eggs, how to invite and add friends, and how to unlock all cooking recipes. Also, check out our Tower of Fantasy section to get help on more such topics.