Type Soul: How To Get Partial Resurrection (Res)

Want to get a partial res for your Hollow character? Check out our guide to find out how to get Partial resurrection in Type Soul.

If you are a Hollow character, you must know how to get Partial Resurrection in Type Soul. Being a Hollow, you evolve from a Fishbone to become a Vasto Lorde, and so on. Similar to Hollow’s Resurrección in the anime Bleach, having a Partial Res plays quite an important role in Hollow’s evolution in this Roblox game. It is the Shikai equivalent for Arrancars as it offers several moves and skills. But how to get Partial Res in Type Soul? Check out our guide to find out everything about the Partial Resurrection in this Roblox game.

How to Get Partial Resurrection in Type Soul

You can get the Partial Resurrection in Type Soul by ranking up to Grade 2 and completing a Parkourbased Obby. After reaching Grade 2, you must find and speak with the NPC to get a quest for a full res. She will task you with finding an item once you interact with her. You must find the missing object and bring it to the Void Pit. Then, you must jump into the Pit and complete the Obby Parkour quest with the object to get the Partial Res.

But as straightforward as it sounds, getting a partial res for Roblox players has been pretty difficult so far. Don’t worry, let’s break down the above steps to get Partial Res in Type Soul:

Finding NPC’s Spawn Location

type soul get partial resurrection res

Once you rank up to Grade 2, you must find the NPC that spawns in Hueco Mundo and gives you the required quest. You can find her located inside the Castle or to the left of the Castle close to the throne. As confirmed by many players searching for her, this NPC has more than 7 to 8 spawn locations. But since her location is RNG-based, you can server-hop until you find her.

Here are all the possible locations where you can find this NPC:

  • On top of the rock to the left of the Castle.
  • Near the Throne to the left of the Castle.
  • In a room that has multiple white tiles.
  • The green room inside the Castle (located in the extreme corner).
  • Near the stairs that lead to the first floor.
  • Around the laboratory-looking white floor.
  • The left corner of the stairs.

Missing Res-based Object Location

After you interact with the NPC, an item will spawn around the map. This item or object is based on the Resurrection you received. So, if you get a Bone Resurrection, you must find an item co-relating with the nature of the Res. While you can find these items inside the Castle, you can also find them spawn near the throne.

Here’s the list of all the Partial resurrections in Type Soul:

  • Acid
  • Storm
  • Slash
  • Starkk
  • Bat
  • Bone
  • Vamp

Obby Parkour Quest (& Location)

As a final part of the quest, you must bring the found item into the Void Pit and complete the Obby. You can find this pit located to the extreme left of the Castle. You will find two huge rocks as you keep heading straight. To find the Void Pit, keep on heading straight to find Skeletons in your way.

  • Once you have found the location, jump inside the Void pit to start with the Parkour challenge.
  • Completing this challenge requires taking no fall damage.
  • But since this parkour-based challenge can be extremely difficult, we suggest practicing multiple times.

If you die at any time during the quests, you will have to wait for an hour until the cooldown ends. However, you can grip a Shinigami NPC or a Soul Reaper player to reset this cooldown. Furthermore, if you fail the Obby parkour challenge, you don’t need to find the NPC, again. Instead, head inside the second floor of the Castle to interact with the Pink Orb.

That’s all about how to get Partial Resurrection in Type Soul. If you liked this guide, check out our guides to find out how to reset races, how to get different weapons, and explore more Type Soul Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.