Palworld: How To Catch And Breed Lyleen Noct

Lyleen Noct has healing abilities and is one of the best creatures you can own in Palworld. Here’s how you can capture this Dark-type Pal.

Palworld is filled with different elements and features. However, Pals are one of the most important aspects of this game. Capturing and owning all of these multi-skilled creatures can help you progress through the game, as with the help of these Pals, you will be able to complete all the challenges you face.

Similarly, many players are wondering how they can get Lyleen Noct and use this Pal that has medicine-producing abilities and a very useful Partner Skill. Therefore, if you need help with this, here’s how you can easily catch and use this Dark-type creature.

Where to Find Lyleen Noct in Palworld

Players should be equipped with the most powerful gear and Pals before facing the Alpha Boss Lyleen Noct in Palworld
Players should be equipped with the most powerful gear and Pals before facing the Alpha Boss Lyleen Noct in Palworld

There are two ways of obtaining this Pal, either you will have to complete a breeding process to get this creature or you will have to defeat it as it will appear as an Alpha Boss.

Similarly, we will give you the exact location where you can find Lyleen Noct and start the boss fight. In order to get to this Pal, first go to the Unthawable Lake (-100, 278). Once you reach this location, head northwest until you find the entrance to a mine. Now, enter the Iceberg Mineshaft (-142, 321).

However, before you begin this fight, make sure you are well equipped with the right armor, weapons, and Pals, as this creature appears at level 49. As a result, you will have to carry a Pump-action Shotgun, Assault Riffles, and Grenades as well.

Additionally, you will also have to bring all the powerful Dragon-type Pals you own, as this creature will be weakened by their attacks. Lastly, make sure you are using either an Ultra Sphere or a Legendary Sphere to catch this Pal, once its health starts to rapidly drop.

How to Breed a Lyleen Noct Pal in Palworld

If you find the boss fight method too time-consuming or advanced, you can breed a Lyleen Noct Pal by pairing Lyleen and Menasting. Once you have captured both of these creatures, here is how you can carry out the breeding process –

  • Build a Breeding Farm and add Lyleen and Menasting to the Farm.
  • Make a Cake and give it to these creatures to improve the chances of breeding.
  • Once the Egg is laid, use an Egg Incubator to keep it warm.
  • After the Egg hatches, you will get a healthy Lyleen Noct Pal.

We have covered everything you need to know if you want to catch or breed a Lyleen Noct Pal. Since Palworld is your current favorite game, don’t forget to browse through our guide on how you can teach new skills to your Pals and how you can eat food & feed your Pals, all available here on Gamer Tweak.