How To Get Ghoul Mask In Blox Fruits

Looking for the rare Ghoul Mask, but can’t find it? Here is all you have to do to get a Ghoul Mask in Blox Fruits.

Ghoul is one of the few races of the game, which you don’t get with reroll, but have to grind for. And those who have obtained the race would also want to get the Mask to become even more powerful. But getting the Ghoul Mask in Blox Fruits isn’t as easy as it might seem. The journey is similar to the Ghoul Race but comparatively easier. There are plenty of combinations that go well with the Ghoul Mask, even if it’s not the Ghoul Race. Still, it is best to get the Ghoul Race, as you’ll see the surprising result by using the Mask at V4 of the Race.

The Ghoul Mask comes with various buffs and abilities. Which also includes the ability to take health equivalent to the damage dealt called life leech. Ghoul isn’t any alien to anime watchers and manga readers, so obtaining this race is something many aim for. You can get the race by following our Blox Fruits Ghoul Race guide after obtaining the Ghoul Mask.

Where and How to Get Ghoul Mask in Blox Fruits

Where and How to Get Ghoul Mask in Blox Fruits
Image Credit: MineBlox on YouTube

You get a Ghoul Mask from the Cursed Ship NPC El Perro in exchange for 50 Ectoplasm. The Cursed Ship is in the Second Sea. So you can get there at level 700+. But it is better to start the quest for the Ghoul Mask in Blox Fruits after you have reached the 1250 to 1325 level.

Now, the reason for that is the enemies that drop the Ectoplasm are 1250+. The drop rate is 50% with most of them, but they all are located in the Cursed Ship. Hunt Ship Deckhand: Level 1250, Ship Engineer: Level 1275, Ship Steward: Level 130, Ship Officer: Level 1325, and Cursed Captain: Level 1325 to Ectoplasm in Blox Fruits.

  • After you have collected the required amount of Ectoplasm, look for the El Perro in Cursed Ship. El Perro is near the Ship Deckhand.
  • Interact with him. He’ll ask if you want to trade 50 Ectoplasm for Ghoul Mask.
  • Select Trade to exchange and get the Mask.
  • Go to your inventory and Equip it.

That’s all you need to do to get a Ghoul Mask in Blox Fruits. If you found this guide interesting and want to know more about races, items, fruits, and weapons, then check out our Blox Fruits Guides. Curious about Kitsune Fruit, Hallow Scythe, or Shark Anchor, you’ll find them all.