Hades 2 Garlic: How To Get It And Its Uses

Want some garlic in Hades 2? Check out this location where you can find its cloves and how to grow them.

As you continue making progress to hunt the Titan Lord, you should get yourself Garlic in Hades 2. This is an important resource, like many other plants, it is needed for Incantations and for upgrading an Arcana card. But unlike Moly or Lotus, Garlic is something that you have to grow yourself and cannot find lying around in any region during your runs. So if you haven’t found it yet, here’s the location where you can find it.

How to Get Garlic in Hades 2

How To Get Garlic In Hades 2 By Growing Them From Cloves
Image Credits: Haelian on YouTube. Find and grow Garlic from its cloves in Hades 2.

You can find Garlic Cloves (seeds) in the City of Ephyra which is on the Surface and not the Underworld. After you find them you need to plant and grow them in the Crossroads. But for all of this to work you will first need some incantations and a tool. You can check our detailed guide on how to get seeds. But for a quick overview here is what you need:

  • Permeation of Witching-Wards incantation: It removes the ward blocking you from going to the surface.
  • Flourishing Soil incantation: It lets you grow plants in the Crossroads.
  • Unraveling a Fateful Bond incantation: It lets you survive longer on the surface and not die of suffocation. (This is somewhat optional but very useful)
  • Silver Spade: Tool needed to dig out seeds.

If you are ready with the above necessities, the following steps are easy.

  1. Go to the surface the first area is the City of Ephyra. Make sure you equip Silver Spade.
  2. Here, you can randomly find a digging spot.
  3. Use the silver spade on it and you will get Garlic Cloves.
  4. After your run, go to the Crossroads and plant them.
  5. Now, complete 8 encounters and they will grow to become Garlic.

How to Use Garlic

You need Garlic for the following incantations:

  • Rite of Social Solidarity: It repairs the Taverna in the Crossroads. Here you can have drinks with your companions.
  • Verdant Soil: It creates the last two soil spots for your garden in the Crossroads.

You can also use Garlic to upgrade an Arcana card:

  • The Moon: It lets your Omega cast detonation have additional +50, +70, or +100 (based on your upgrades) power.
    • Garlic x8
    • Moon Dust x5

Finally, you can also sell Garlic to Withered Broker in exchange for Bones.

That is all for how you can get and use Garlic in Hades 2. Since you are already collecting seeds you should also check out how to get Mandrake. Also check how you can find Duo Boons.