Hades 2: How To Get Wheat And Wheat Seeds

Wheat is a Greenery item and players will need them for Incantations in Hades 2. Here’s a guide on how you can get and use them.

Hades 2 has numerous important items that you will need from time to time if you are looking to level up quickly. One of these items that you will need is Wheat. Wheat is a Greenery item and players will have to grow them on their own if they are looking for it.

You will need to grow Wheat in Hades 2 from Wheat Seeds if you are looking for this item. However, growing items is not easy either since you will need specific tools and wait for the encounters to complete.

How to Get Wheat in Hades 2

How to Get Wheat in Hades 2
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To grow Wheat in Hades 2 players will need to find Wheat Seeds which can be found using the Silver Spade on Digging Spots in Mourning Fields. Once you plant the Wheat Seeds in the Crossroads, it will take 13 Encounters until they are fully grown. While no recipe currently uses Wheat, players will find the item quite useful during Incantations.

Incantations are quite necessary for players since they can use them for numerous effects. Players can find them helpful for unlocking merchants and tools, enhancing healing mechanics, and even augmenting certain boon-related gameplay aspects. Players can use the Wheat to perform certain Incantations with the Cauldron in Crossroads.

There are more items that you will need to find and use for Incantations since each requires different types of resources. However, getting seeds is one of the factors that players often find troubling.

That’s all you will need to farm Wheat in Hades 2 with Wheat Seeds. Since Hades 2 has numerous mechanics that you will need, check out our guides on how to get and use Pearls, Ash, and more in our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.