Hades 2 Mandrake: How To Get Its Seeds And Uses

Can’t find Mandrake anywhere in the Underworld? You are looking for them in the wrong place in Hades 2.

Much like the other resources, you should know how to get Mandrake in Hades 2. This is a near-late or in the best case a mid-game item depending on what you are prioritizing during your progression. These are plants that you need to unlock an incantation and you can also use them to upgrade your weapons and tools. So below is the location where you can find Mandrake seeds, how to grow them, and their uses.

How to Get Mandrakes in Hades 2

How To Get Mandrake By Growing Its Seeds
Image Credits: Haelian on YouTube. Find and grow Mandrake seeds to get them in Hades 2.

You get Mandrakes by growing Mandrake seeds. These can be found in the Rift of Thessaly region of the Surface. Before you go there you need four things:

  • Permeation of Witching-Wards incantation: This spell removes the ward which prevents you from going to the surface. It needs –
  • Unraveling a Fateful Bond incantation: It removes the curse that suffocates you on the surface, this allows you to survive here longer. It needs –
  • Flourishing Soil incantation: It lets you plant seeds in the soil spots in the Crossroads to grow plants. It needs –
    • Moly x1
  • Silver Spade tool: This is the tool you need to dig out seeds from the digging spots. It needs –

After you have all of the above requirements ready, here is what you must do:

  1. Go to the Surface.
  2. Exit the City of Ephyra by defeating Polyphemus.
  3. Next, once you reach the Rift of Thessaly look for digging spots.
  4. Based on how much health you have left clear the enemies first or directly dig out the seeds.
  5. After your run ends go to the planting area in the Crossroads.
  6. Plant these seeds and after the given encounters they will grow.

How to Use Mandrakes

They can be used mainly for two things:

  • Circles of Protection incantation: It lets you use warding circles in Erebus. These temporarily negate damage. It needs –
    • Mandrake x1
    • Moly x1
    • Lotus x1
  • Upgrade Origination Arcana card: With it, you deal +25% more damage to enemies that have at least two curses afflicted on them. It needs –
    • Mandrake x3
    • Moon Dust x5
  • Aside from that you can always sell any extra Mandrakes you have on you to the Withered Broker for some Bones.

You now know everything about how you can get and use Mandrake in Hades 2. Since you are interested in this game you might also find our guides useful on if you can wake Hypnos, how to get Ash, and where to find Arachne.