Hades 2 Hypnos: Can You Wake Him?

Missing the old jolly Hypnos from Hades as he is constantly asleep in this game? Here is what you should know about waking him in Hades 2.

Many players returning from the original game are looking to wake Hypnos in Hades 2. In the first game, every time you died and returned to Tartarus he would be the first to greet you. But there was more to his tasks than that, his main job was to check every newly arrived Shades into the House of Hades and check their names off his list. But unlike the last game where he would sometimes be asleep on his job, in Hades 2, he doesn’t seem to come out of his slumber.

Is it Possible to Wake Up Hypnos from His Sleep in Hades 2?

Can You Wake Hypnos In Hades 2
Image Credits: Supergiant Games. Hypnos can be found asleep and can’t be woken up in Hades 2.

No, at the time of writing this guide no matter what you do, you can’t seem to wake him. Go right from Odysseus and you can find him sleeping on a hammock held by two shades.

If you want to try your luck, you can even offer him Nectar to get an extra dialogue “Zzzzz, welcome to the… haah, zzzz…” But sadly you don’t get any Keepsake in exchange. In the first game, you would have received a “Chthonic Coin Purse” which lets you get 100, 125, or 150 gold per encounter.

Will You be Able to Wake Hypnos in the Future?

Ideally, you should be able to wake him up, since the game currently is in its Early Access there are several more features yet to be released. So it is very much possible that in the final version of the game, you can actually break his slumber. In fact, in your first-ever interaction with him, Melinoe says “We’ll find a way to wake you, O Sleep. I promise.”

Currently, he may exist just to motivate players to keep progressing and hunt down Chronos to create a sense of urgency. Depending on how this game truly ends, we may also get a new sequel in a couple of years where he may wake up instead of this game. But that is just a speculation.

With that, you know everything about Hypnos and being unable to wake him in Hades 2. Since you like playing this game don’t forget to check our guides for it on how to get Nightshade, find Arachne, and grow seeds.