Hades 2 Duo Boons: How To Get Them

Want the blessing of not just one but two Gods at the same time? You should go for the Duo Boons in Hades 2.

Just like the first game, you can get Duo Boons in Hades 2, if you are lucky. But what if it wasn’t about luck and there was actually something you could do to increase your chances of finding them faster? Well, you are in luck (pun intended) because there is not one but two ways through which you can achieve that. Sure it won’t happen in the early game, however, after you progress a bit, these are the things that you should unlock.

How to Find Duo Boons in Hades 2

How To Get Duo Boons In Hades 2
Image Credits: Video Game News. Soft Caress, is a Duo boon that heals you each time you take damage the first time in a new encounter in Hades 2.

You need the Insight Into Offerings Incantation and The Queen (XX) Arcana card to get Duo Boons in this game. Do note that strictly speaking they aren’t necessary, but without them, it becomes more of a matter of chance and you collecting the right boons which are needed to fulfill the criteria needed for the Duo Boon. Here is what both of these do:

  • Insight Into Offerings Incantation: It lets you use the Book of Shadows to see a full list of all Olympian deities and their boons. This includes potential blessings like Duo Boons. In order to incant it:
    1. Progress the game until you are able to unlock it.
    2. Next, go to the Cauldron in the Crossroads.
    3. Use the following ingredients for this incantation:
      • Ambrosia x2
      • Golden Apple x1
      • Poppy x2
  • The Queen (XX) Arcana card: This increases your chance of finding Duo Boons by 6%. The best part is it requires 0 Grasp points, so you can always keep it active as long as you don’t have two other 0 Grasp cards active.

That sums up everything you should know to unlock Duo Boons in Hades 2 and increases your chances of finding them. If you want Golden Apples for the above incantation, you first need to lift the ward that prevents you from going to the surface. Be sure to check our guide on how to get Shadow as it will be needed for that spell which removes that ward. While on the surface, be sure to also farm Bronze.