LEGO Fortnite: How To Get And Use Frost Shell

Wondering how you can easily get Frost Shell in LEGO Fortnite? Here is everything you need to know.

LEGO Fortnite is filled with different kinds of resources that can help you upgrade all your weapons, buildings, and other in-game items you craft. Similarly, one of these resources, called the Frost Shell is used while creating the Rare Cool-Headed Charm.

However, getting this item is quite a difficult task as you will have to come face to face with a powerful enemy and defeat it in order to obtain this useful resource. If you need help figuring out how you can find and use this item, here is everything you will need to know before you begin this icy adventure.

Where to Find Frost Shell in LEGO Fortnite

Where To Find Frost Shell In LEGO Fortnite
Image Source – Z1 Gaming on YouTube

In order to get the Frost Shell you will first learn about the Frost Rollers. These Rollers are considered as one of the most difficult enemies in the game and they can be found lurking in multiple biomes. However, you will have to defeat them if you want to obtain this resource. You will find Frost Rollers scattered all around the Frostlands biome. Since this creature is found in the snowy region, you will face the extreme weather conditions here. In order to stay warm, make sure you equip all the right resources before you begin this process.

It might be quite tough to locate this Roller as they have a distinct feature of burying themselves into the ground and sneakily attacking you when you are drawing closer to them. When it comes to this snowy biome, in order to spot them immediately, make sure you try to locate two stones. These two crystals will be turquoise and sky blue in color. Always stay alert while exploring the snow-covered mountains and hills in this region, because if you are not vigilant, you will be attacked without any warning.

Defeating Frost Rollers

When you try and fight these Frost Rollers, make sure you are quipped with strong defenses. You will have to use a rare sword and a shield. Using the shield should be your main priority during this battle as these Rollers deal a lot of damage and if you do not protect yourself from their attacks you will end up losing.

If the sword and shield combination works and you destroy the Frost Rollers, once they are defeated, they will drop the Frost Shell. Keep in mind that one Frost Roller will drop only one Frost Shell, so before you plan on fighting these creatures, make a mental note of how many Shells you will require and accordingly defeat that many Frost Rollers.

How to Use Frost Shell in LEGO Fortnite

How To Use Frost Shell In LEGO Fortnite
Image Source – Z1 Gaming on YouTube

Currently, this resource can be used while crafting only one recipe in the game and that is the Rare Cool-Headed Charm. You can make use of this charm when you need to be protected from the heat, mainly while collecting resources in the Dry Valley biome. To create this, you will need 3 Heavy Wool Thread, 3 Malachite Slab, 1 Sand Brute Scale, and 5 Frost Shell.

We have covered everything you need to know to get and use Frost Shell. Since you will be visiting the Frostlands to complete this process, you can also try to collect Malachite and Frostpine. Don’t forget to check out all our other Fortnite guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.