How To Get A Sword In LEGO Fortnite

Craft a sword in LEGO Fortnite to take down the Spiders, Rollers, Scorpions, Crabs, and more.

Venturing into the unknown without being equipped will only make you prey of predators. The world of LEGO Fortnite is vast; while there are many tameable animals, it is also filled with ferocious creatures. To deal with them, you must have some weapons in your hands, whether they be ranged crossbows, dynamites, or melee swords. Crafting a sword should be your priority, they are the easiest to make and use.

You don’t just need weapons to protect yourself, but also for hunting. Many raw materials can only be obtained from certain creatures, like the Shells of Rollers and the Silk of Spiders.

How to Unlock and Craft Sword in LEGO Fortnite

Unlock and Craft Sword in LEGO Fortnite
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You will unlock your first sword, the Shortsword, with the Crafting Bench. It is a common rarity weapon that does 3 damage to enemies. If you don’t have the Crafting Table, then collect 3 Wood and 5 Granite, and create it from the Stations section of Build mode.

Once you have the bench, you now need 5 Wooden Rods for the Shortsword recipe. Wooden Rods are crafted from the Lumber Mill, which requires 5 Wood and 15 Granite. When you have the mill, interact with it and convert Woods into Wooden Rods using the recipe.

Now that you have all the materials, use the Crafting Bench and make your first sword. There are a total of four sword recipes in the game for now. To unlock those, you have to upgrade your Crafting Bench, the requirement of which can be seen by going to the Bench Upgrade tab.

All Sword Recipes

If you want to collect the ingredients of other swords while gathering resources for bench upgrades, here is all you were looking for:

  • Shortsword (Common)
    • Requirement: 5 Wooden Rods, Crafting Bench
  • Longsword (Uncommon)
    • Requirement: 5 Knotroot Rodd, Uncommon Crafting Bench
  • Longsword (Rare)
    • Requirement: 12 Copper Bars, Rare Crafting Bench
  • Longsword (Epic)
    • Requirement: 12 Iron Bars, Epic Crafting Bench

With this, you can now unlock and craft a sword in LEGO Fortnite. If this was helpful to you, topics like how to get Recurve Crossbow and Blast Cores will also interest you.