LEGO Fortnite: How To Get Recurve Crossbow

Check out this guide to know how to get Recurve Crossbow in LEGO Fortnite

For players looking to have ranged weapons to deal with enemies from afar, the Recurve Crossbow in LEGO Fortnite is your best bet. The crossbow with some arrows can be a great starting weapon of choice for those who prefer more ranged combat. Not to mention, you will find it to be one of the easiest to craft weapons in the brick world.

With that being said, you can further upgrade your Recurve Crossbow in LEGO Fortnite to deal even more damage. However, you will need some materials and resources at the start to craft bow and arrows in the game. So if you prefer more of a ranged combat and don’t want to deal with enemies using melee weapons, then here is how to get the bow in the game.

How to Craft Recurve Crossbow in LEGO Fortnite

How To Craft Recurve Crossbow In LEGO Fortnite
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To craft a Recurve Crossbow in LEGO Fortnite, players will have to first set up their Crafting Bench. Once you have the bench in place, gather more resources to unlock and build two more utility stations namely the Lumber Mill & Spinning Wheel.

After having set up each station in your village, you will have to gather certain resources to get the Recurve Crossbow in the game. Here is the recipe and all the resources required to craft it:

  • x5 Wooden Rod
  • x1 Cord

We would recommend that you gather wood and vines from the grassland biome in the game. Once you do have both resources, simply interact with the Lumber Mill to get yourself some Wooden Rods using the Wood at your disposal.

Along with it, you will also need a Cord that can be crafted on the Spinning Wheel using the Vines. After you have the required materials, interact with the Crafting Bench to craft a Recurve Crossbow in LEGO Fortnite.

Along with the bow, you will also need some arrows in the game. The items required to craft arrows are x1 feather and x1 wood in the game. You can get your hands on feathers and harvest them by killing chickens around the grassland. This will unlock the recipe for arrows on the Crafting Bench.

It is worth mentioning that hunters too drop the Recurve Crossbow in the game. You will have to defeat them to get their crossbows. They will usually spawn around campsites.

All Recurve Bow Recipes in LEGO Fortnite

The Recurve Crossbow in LEGO Fortnite can be further upgraded into different rarities. With higher rarity, you will be able to deal extensive damage to your enemies in the game. Here are the crossbow recipes that you will come across:

  • Common Recurve Crossbow – x5 Wooden Rod & x1 Cord
  • Uncommon Recurve Crossbow – x8 Knotroot Rod & x1 Drawstring
  • Rare Recurve Crossbow – x8 Flexwood Rods & x1 Drawstring
  • Epic Recurve Crossbow – x8 Frostpine Rods, x1 Drawstring & x3 Iron Bars

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