How To Get Frostpine And Craft Frostpine Rod In LEGO Fortnite

Check out this guide to learn how you can get Frostpine and how you can craft Frostpine Rod in LEGO Fortnite.

If you are looking to make some major upgrades in LEGO Fortnite, you will need to get Frostpine as it is considered to be a valuable resource. This is because, using this rare mineral you will be able to create Frostpine Rods. These Rods are used while crafting epic-tier weapons and tools. However, the process of harvesting this item is very difficult as you will have to explore the dangerous snowy landscapes.

So, if you need help completing this activity, you can go through this guide and learn how you can easily get this resource.

How to Get Frostpine in LEGO Fortnite

How to Get Frostpine in LEGO Fortnite
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Before you can harvest this resource, you must first select the right weapon. The only way you will be able to harvest this resource is if you have an Epic Forest Axe. In order to craft this item, you will require 3 Copper Bars and 3 Knotroot Rods. Once you have collected all these resources you can upgrade your Forest Axe at the Crafting Bench.

Now that you have the right Axe that will help you take down this tree, you will have to make your way to the Frostlands Biome and explore the snowy mountains. Another hindrance might be the extreme weather temperatures that you will face. Make sure you carry the resources that will help you survive.

The Frostpine are not very difficult to find as you will need to harvest the trees that are covered in snow. Once you hit it with your weapon two to three times you will be able to harvest the Frostpine.

How to Craft Frostpine Rod in LEGO Fortnite

How to Craft Frostpine Rod in LEGO Fortnite
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Once you have collected enough Frostpine, you can convert them into Frostpine Rod. Even though you will not need any additional resources along with this item to create this Rod, you will need to build a Lumber Mill. To craft this machine you will require 8 Wood and 15 Granite.

After collecting these resources and crafting the Lumber Mill, you will be able to use Frostpine to create Frostpine Rod. Once you have crafted this item, you can use it to upgrade weapons and tools to make them more durable.

We have covered everything you need to know about how you can get Frostpine and craft Frostpine Rod. Make sure to check out all the crafting recipes and how you can get backpacks in LEGO Fortnite, right here on Gamer Tweak.