LEGO Fortnite: How To Defeat Brutes And Get Brute Scales

Wondering how you can get Brute Scales in LEGO Fortnite? Here is everything you need to know.

Brute Scales are some of the rarest raw materials available in LEGO Fortnite. If you have been searching for this item in different locations to complete your crafting process, you are not alone. Many players have been confused about how they can find this resource. In order to get this item, you will have to face a challenge and defeat a powerful opponent.

How to Kill a Brute and Get Brute Scales in LEGO Fortnite

To learn how you can get your hands on these Scales, first, you will need to get more information about the enemy boss Brute. If you have been playing this game for some time now, it is likely that you have already encountered him a few times. However, it is necessary to understand that Brute Scales are obtained by defeating the enemy boss Brute. Even though this might not seem too complicated, destroying this boss is a little tricky, especially if you don’t equip the right weapon.

We would recommend using an Uncommon Crossbow and crafting a ton of arrows as well. These enemies will randomly spawn at any given time, however many players have noticed that they are mostly found near water bodies. These creatures are huge and green in color with spikes on their back, so they are easy to identify.

How to Get Brute Scales in LEGO Fortnite
Source – ZaFrostPet on YouTube

When you encounter a Brute, keep attacking him with arrows, from a distance. Make sure you are simultaneously dodging his attacks as well. Once his HP runs out and he is defeated, this boss will drop the Brute Scale. Once you have these Scales, you can use it for crafting items like Cool-Headed Charm and Hearty Totem.

Additionally, it is important to note that every Biome has its enemy boss Brute. Therefore, this same process can be used to obtain the Sand Brute Scales and Frost Brute Scales, as well.

This is everything you need to know to get Brute Scales in LEGO Fortnite. Since you are interested in this game, you can also check out how you can Survive Extreme Heat & Cold before you set out to find the Desert Biome in LEGO Fortnite, right here on Gamer Tweak.