How To Get Coin Bag In Pokemon GO

Wondering what use the Coin bag has in Pokemon GO? This guide will help you out.

The Coin Bag is an important item if you want to get a special Pokemon in Pokemon GO. But there is no research that you can complete to unlock it. Nor is it as simple as spinning some Poke Stops. You will need the help of your Pokemon Scarlet or Violet games. So here is a quick tutorial on how you can unlock and use the Coin Bag.

How to Get the Coin Bag in Pokemon GO

how to get the coin bag in pokemon go

You have to send a Postcard from Pokemon GO to your Scarlet or Violet game to unlock this item.

  1. Open Pokemon GO on your phone.
  2. Go to the menu by tapping the Poke ball below.
  3. Tap on items and select Postcard Book.
  4. Now, choose the postcard that you want to send.
  5. Finally, send it to Nintendo Switch.

The first time you do this you will unlock the Coin Bag. You can find it in your inventory in the Items section. Every day you can send 1 Postcard to your Scarlet or Violet games. Do remember you have to pair your Pokemon GO with Scarlet and Violet for it first. The process is fairly simple, here are the quicks steps for it:

  1. Launch Pokemon GO on your phone and go to Settings.
  2. Next head to Connected Devices and Services.
  3. Here, choose Nintendo Switch.
  4. Now, tap Connect to Nintendo Switch.
  5. Next, on your Nintendo Switch start Pokemon Scarlet or Violet.
  6. Open the Poke portal and choose Mystery Gift.
  7. Here, select Connect to Pokemon GO.
  8. Finally, choose Pair with a Pokemon GO account. Accept the request you sent from your phone.

After doing the above steps both your games will get linked. Now you send postcards daily.

How to Use Coin Bag

You can use the Coin bag to spawn Gimmighoul. Simply open the bag to start spawning Gimmighoul. Each time you use the bag, Gimmighoul will spawn from time to time for the next 30 minutes. You cannot use it again until 1 day is over since its use. Keep sending postcards to Scarlet or Violet and you can use the coin bag daily.

That is all you need to do to get and use the Coin Bag in Pokemon GO. While you are here I suggest you also check out how to get Mega Energy in this game.