How To Pair Scarlet & Violet With Pokemon GO

Here is how you can easily connect Pokemon GO with your Pokemon Scarlet or Violet.

With the update 1.2.0 of Scarlet and Violet, you can now connect your game to Pokemon GO. This is needed if you plan on catching the roaming form of Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO. But even aside from that, there are many benefits to it. So here is how you can quickly pair Pokemon GO with your Pokemon scarlet and violet games, and start sending postcards.

How to Pair Pokemon GO with Scarlet & Violet

pokemon scarlet and violet how to pair with go

Make sure you update Scarlet or Violet to update 1.2.0 to be able to connect with Pokemon GO. Before you start the process also keep your respective devices ready and running with both games. Now follow these steps to connect the two games:

  • In Pokemon GO:
    1. Tap on the Pokeball at the bottom center.
    2. Next, tap on Settings in the top right corner.
    3. Scroll down and choose Connected Devices and Services.
    4. Here, select Nintendo Switch.
    5. Finally, tap Connect to Nintendo Switch.
      pokemon go connect to nintendo switch for sv
  • In Pokemon Scarlet or Violet:
    1. Press X to open the menu.
    2. Here, choose Poke portal then select Mystery Gift.
    3. Now choose Connect to Pokemon GO.
    4. Select Pair with a Pokemon GO account.
    5. You should receive a pairing request from your Pokemon GO that you previously sent. Choose Yes when it asks if would you like to pair with this account.scarlet violet connect with pokemon go

Your Pokemon GO will now be paired up with your Pokemon Scarlet or Violet.

Do remember that you won’t be able to transfer Pokemon from either games directly. To transfer your Pokemon from GO to Scarlet or Violet you will have to use Pokemon HOME. The service isn’t compatible with Scarlet & Violet yet but you should be able to use HOME from Spring 2023 for it.

What to do after Connecting Pokemon GO to SV?

After pairing the two games you can send Postcards from Pokemon GO to Scarlet and Violet. These postcards let you receive Gimmighoul Coins and other rewards. You can send one postcard each day.

That covers this guide on how to pair Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with GO and its use. Since you like playing Pokemon SV you should find our guide useful on how to Get Hisuian Zoroark. Also, check out our Pokemon GO and Pokemon SV sections to get help on other topics for these games.