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How To Get Mega Energy Candies In Pokemon GO

Want to get Mega Energy candies in Pokemon GO? Here is what you need to do for it.

There are some Pokemon that you can Mega Evolve in Pokemon GO, but you need to get mega energy candies for it. The reason for this tradeoff is that it increases your Pokemon’s power a lot. And to balance it out they will devolve after a few hours, and will even take you days before you can evolve them again. So below are all the methods that let you collect Mega Energy.

How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon GO

how to get mega energy in pokemon go

To get mega energy in this game, you first need to have mega evolved your Pokemon at least once. After that more methods become available. Here are all the ways you can get it:

  • Defeat Mega Raids: As you play Pokemon GO, you will find Mega Pokemon raids ongoing. Participate in them and once you defeat the Pokemon you will get mega energy for it. This method gives you the most mega energy, but it also has a problem. And that issue is, a raid for that specific Pokemon should be happening.
    • For example, if you want to get a Mega Scizor, defeating a Mega Venusaur won’t be of any use. So defeat the respective Pokemon and collect as many Mega Candies as possible. Depending on the Pokemon the first time it may cost you 200 or 100 Mega Candies. And after that each time they will require 40 or 20 Mega Candies. This requirement reduces further as your increase its level.
  • Walk with Pokemon as your Buddy: This is the next best and slightly more consistent method to farm mega candies. After you have mega evolved your Pokemon once, you don’t have to worry about waiting for its mega raids. Simply set any of its evolution as your buddy and walk with them. Just like Pokemon candies, they will occasionally drop mega energy. Do remember though that this drop isn’t as frequent as the regular candies needed to evolve or level them up.
  • Look for events: If there is an ongoing event of your favorite Mega Pokemon then there is a higher chance of its raids. And since it is the best method to get most mega candies, you shouldn’t miss out on them.
  • Do research tasks: With new events, you often get new research tasks. So check if any of them are going to give you mega candies for your Pokemon. If they do then make sure you complete them as quickly as possible.

The more you Mega evolve a Pokemon the higher its level gets. This is important because they give you bonuses like various reward drops and most importantly lesser mega energy needed to evolve them in future.

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