Pokemon GO Plus Plus: What It Is & How To Pre-Order?

Here is everything you should know about the new Pokemon GO Plus +.

Nintendo just made catching Pokemon and tracking your sleep easier with their new Pokemon GO Plus + device. This device is supposedly a better version of the watch they released back in September 2016. But it will be having some additional features. So here is what the new device can do in Pokemon GO and how you can pre-order it.

What is the new Pokemon GO Plus +?

what is pokemon go plus +

Nintendo will be releasing a new device called the Pokemon GO Plus + for players to use while playing Pokemon GO in July 2023. The concept is similar to their Pokemon GO+ watch. But instead of being a watch, it looks more like a badge with the shape of a Poke ball. The new device will use Bluetooth Low Energy and let you pair it with Pokémon GO and Pokemon Sleep.

From the images on the official site, it looks like it will be using USB type C for charging. You can even use it when going to sleep for listening to lullabies by a Pikachu, and it can work as your morning alarm. Pairing it with Pokemon Sleep has further benefits. For example, the more you sleep the friendlier the Pikachu in the device will get with you. And it will learn more sounds with that. You can also complete the Sleep Pokedex with it.

Just like the original watch you can use it to automatically throw Poke balls at Pokemon to catch them and for spinning Poke Stops.

Lastly, you will also get a Snorlax with a nightcap Special Research, after you link your Pokemon GO Plus + with Pokemon GO.

How to Pre-Order Pokemon GO Plus +

While there are no pre-order options available for this device just yet. You can visit Nintendo’s official page for it and pre-order once it becomes available. Aside from that, you should also be able to buy the Pokemon GO Plus + at GameStop, Walmart, Amazon, and more. Its price is not officially known at the time of writing this article. But it has been listed for $54.99 on GameStop.

That covers everything that you should know about Pokemon Plus + and how to Pre-Order it. For more things on upcoming hardware and tech be sure to check out the release dates for the PS5 Pro and PS6.