PS5 Pro Release Date: When Is PlayStation 5 Pro Coming Out? (2023)

Here is everything that you should know about the release of the new PS5 Pro.

There are rumors floating around suggesting the release of the PS5 Pro and fans are eager to learn the date. Considering it will be 3 years this November since the release of PS5 we can see why so many people are excited. And assuming if the rumors are true and based on the PS4 lifecycle we might be getting an announcement for it this September. So here is everything that you should know about the possible specifications, price, and release date of the PlayStation 5 Pro.

When is PlayStation 5 Pro Coming Out? PS5 Pro Release Date Speculation

when will sony release playstation 5 pro

Currently, there is no official information from Sony on when they will be releasing a PS5 Pro. PlayStation 5 was released on 12th November 2020, and it has barely been 2 years since its release. Thus it is unlikely that Sony will be releasing its pro version this early. If we are following the pattern of PS4 then it should still release after 3 years. And there is still time for that for PS5.

There is also a question of whether it will be releasing a PS5 Pro. Prior to the PlayStation 4, Sony never released a Pro version for their previous consoles. That is the PS3 and PS2. But both of them did get a slim version. Thus there is a higher chance of Sony releasing a PS5 Slim. This will pack all the features of the PS5 but will have a more compact form. And after that Sony might directly end up releasing the PlayStation 6.

PS5 Pro Possible Release Date

If Sony does release a PS5 Pro in a similar release fashion to their PS4 Pro. Then we can assume the PS5 Pro to release anytime around November 2023. The reason is simple PS4 was released on November 15, 2013, and the PS4 Pro was released on November 10, 2016.

Do remember this is just a speculation and not any official date.

PlayStation 5 Pro Specifications

There are no official specifications regarding the hardware of PS5 Pro. One of the major things PS4 Pro gave to the players was support for 4K. So maybe there is a chance when PS5 Pro releases it supports 8K. And of course, since it will be a generational upgrade, we can expect it to have better graphics and ray tracing, bigger storage space, and an improved processor.

PS5 Pro Price

There is no official information available on the pricing or cost of the new consoles. But if we again follow the PS4 pattern. Then this should be its cost:

  • PS5 Pro: 499$ to 649$
  • PS5 Slim: 399$ to 499$

The reason I have given the above prices in a range is that the prices of PS4 and PS4 Pro were the same. But PS4 Slim was 100$ less than the PS4. So similarly, there is a chance that PS5 and PS5 Pro have the same price. And PS5 Slim may cost slightly lesser than the PS5.

That covers everything that you should about the release date of PlayStation 5 Pro and its specifications & price. You should check out Gamer Tweak for more such News on upcoming games and tech.