How To Get Carrots In Stardew Valley 1.6

Wondering how to get Carrot Seeds in Stardew Valley? Check out here to learn the easiest way to get it.

Carrot is a vegetable crop introduced in Stardew Valley 1.6 along with Powdermelon and Broccoli. It is a seasonal crop that can be grown using its seeds during the Spring Season. While most seeds can be bought from Pierre’s store, you can not get a Carrot Seed from there. So you will have to put in some effort, go out and find Carrot Seeds in your surroundings, and our guide here will help you in finding this seed and growing it on your farm.

Steps to Get Carrot Seeds in Stardew Valley

Dig up grass tuft to get Carrot in Stardew Valley
You can see a Grass Tuft marked in the image above. Image Credits to nikyfol

To get Carrot Seeds in Stardew Valley, will have to look out for grass tufts in your surroundings (refer to the image above). Once you find it, use a Hoe to dig it up for a chance to get Carrot Seeds. Grass tufts look somewhat similar to artifact spots. While artifact spots can give your seeds too, your chances of finding it by digging up grass tufts are higher. That is because artifact spots mostly give items and antiques.

Anyways, if you manage to find a Carrot Seed in SDV, you can plant it on your farm. It will take only 3 days for the seed to mature and give you a Carrot. The next time you go out to find the seeds, you won’t have to depend on your luck. Simply build a Seed Maker, put a Carrot in it, and get an indefinite amount of Carrot Seeds. It’s your never-ending source of seeds.

Why should you get Carrots in SDV?

Now that you have this veggie, it’s time to reveal its benefit to you. So, consuming a regular Carrot will help you regain 75 Health and 33 Energy. This makes it a pretty decent snacking option to have. Other than this, if you manage to farm plenty of this crop then you can sell it at Pierre’s General Store for 35 Gold as well.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about the Carrot in Stardew Valley. Aside from this, if you are curious to learn about other additions with update v1.6 then you should check out our guides on Moss and Goby.