How To Catch A Goby In Stardew Valley 1.6

Not sure where to look for Goby in Stardew Valley? Check out here to know its location and how to catch it.

There is a huge list of items added to Stardew Valley with update v1.6 and fishes make no exception. Goby is a new species of Fish that is now available for the players to catch. While it isn’t good for consumption, you can still catch it and add it to your collection, but for that, you will first have to find and catch it. In this guide, you will find the location where Goby spawns in Stardew Valley. Plus, we will also give you some other crucial information about this fish that may come in handy.

Where to Find and Catch Goby in Stardew Valley (Location)

Goby's location in Cindersap Forest in Stardew Valley
You can find Goby in the marked location. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

In Stardew Valley, you can find a Goby in the Waterfall area. FYI, you can find this Waterfall area by heading to the southern side of the Cindersap Forest. Once you reach the Waterfalls, take out your Fishing Rod, attach a Bait, and cast it in the water. Make sure to use your best Fishing Rod as catching Goby isn’t going to be an easy job. Moreover, it would be better if you have a Deluxe Bait or Goby Bait along with you. This will strengthen your chances of catching Goby in SDV.

catching a Goby in Stardew Valley
Caught a Goby in the Waterfall area of Cindersap Forest. Image Credits to NBOX 21 (Steam Community)

Unlike most fishes, Goby spawns in every season and at any time of the day. However, your chances of catching it are higher during the afternoon period. Once you have caught it, make sure not to consume it right away. Doing so will decrease your Energy by -62. Instead, you can sell it at Willy’s Fish Shop to earn 150 Gold. A good quality Goby will earn you more than 150 Gold so never stop fishing.

One more thing, Goby is not an ideal Gift either. There’s no single NPC in SDV that likes Goby as a Gift, not even your favorite NPCs like Leah and Haley. Anyways, if you are curious to find other items, maybe crops like Powdermelon then we have covered a guide on it. Feel free to check it out and explore more in our dedicated Stardew Valley section.