How To Get Broccoli In Stardew Valley 1.6

If you like farming different crops on your farm, a green veggie like Broccoli can make a good option.

Aside from Powdermelon, Broccoli is another crop added to Stardew Valley with update 1.6. This seasonal crop can be grown using the Broccoli Seeds during the Fall. If you are trying to get these seeds then there’s something important you need to know. Unlike the rest, you can’t purchase Broccoli Seeds from Pierre’s Store. You will have to go out and look for it somewhere in your surroundings. To help you with this problem, we will tell you how you can find these seeds and use them to get Broccoli in Stardew Valley.

How to Find Broccoli Seeds in Stardew Valley

farming broccoli in stardew valley
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There is more than one way to get Broccoli Seeds in Stardew Valley. You can find it inside the crates hidden in the Mines located on the northern side of the Mountains. Specifically, you can find it to the northeast of Carpenter’s Shop. Other than this, opening Golden Fishing Treasure Chests between Summer 21 and Fall 20 can also net you Broccoli Seeds in SDV.

Apart from this, you can also dig up Artifact spots or Grass tufts for a chance to get a Broccoli Seed. While Artifact spots can give Seeds, your chances of finding them by digging up Grass tufts are higher.

Once you manage to find a seed, you can plant it on your farm. It will take you 8 days to grow Broccoli. After maturity, this crop will grow every 4 days on your farm.

Why should you get Broccoli?

Broccolis are great for regaining HP and Energy. A regular version of this vegetable can restore 63 HP and 28 Energy for you. So it makes a pretty decent snacking option. Moreover, you can also sell a Broccoli in exchange for 70 Gold so that’s a win.

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