How To Get All Animals In Stardew Valley

These are all the animals you can keep in Stardew Valley and how to get them.

There are several kinds of animals in Stardew Valley, but not all are purchasable. From pets like cats and dogs to rideable ones like horse and farm animals such as chickens the method of obtaining them differs. While you will get your first pet quite early in the game, it will take some time to get to the horse and all the farm ones. But with this guide, you can keep track and work on obtaining all simultaneously.

How to Get Farm Animals in Stardew Valley

Get Farm Animals in Stardew Valley
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Farm animals are separated into two building types: Coop and Barn. While there are advanced structures for those, these are the starter ones built by the Carpenter Robin for 4000g and 6000g.

Purchasable Farm Animals

Once you have crafted structures you can head to the Marnie’s Ranch (Northeast of Cindersap Forest) and Krobus’ Shop (The Sewers) to purchase these:

  • Chicken – 800g (Coop) Marnie’s Ranch
  • Cow – 1,500g (Barn) Marnie’s Ranch

Upgrade to Big Barn and Big Coop for:

  • Goat – 4,000g (Big Barn) Marnie’s Ranch
  • Duck – 1,200g (Big Barn) Marnie’s Ranch
  • Void Chicken – You get this from the Void Egg, which will randomly be left by a witch at night when you have Big or Deluxe Coop with an empty slot. Alternatively, you can get it for 5,000g from Krobus.

Advance to the next stage with Deluxe Barn and Deluxe Coop for:

  • Sheep – 8,000g (Deluxe Barn) Marnie’s Ranch
  • Pig – 16,000g (Deluxe Barn) Marnie’s Ranch
  • Rabbit – 8,000g (Deluxe Coop) Marnie’s Ranch
  • Golden Chicken – You get this by getting 100% perfection. Find a perfection tracker in Qi’s Walnut Room on Ginger Island. Once you are at the level, purchase it from Marnie for 100,000g. You can also get it from Qi’s Walnut Room for 100 Qi Gems. Lastly, there is an extremely low chance of a witch leaving the Golden Egg at night.

Non-Purchasable Farm Animals

  • Dinosaur – You can only hatch them from their Dinosaur Egg using the Incubator.
  • Ostrich – You hatch them from Ostrich Egg using the Ostrich Incubator.

How to Get a Horse in Stardew Valley

Get Animal Horse in SDV
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Similar to farm animals it needs an accommodation built by the Robin. Head to the Carpenter’s Shop, located in the north of the Pelican Town. Select the Stable, give her 10,000g, 100 Hardwood & 5 Iron Bars, then choose the location. The horse is included with the Stable, so you don’t need to do anything else than wait for construction to finish.

How to Get Pet Animals in Stardew Valley

You will get your first pet on the first sunny Wednesday or on a Friday morning of Spring once you have earned 1,000g. Marnie will visit, giving you the choice to select between available ones. After the content update 1.6, you can get more of these adorable animals. To find out how? Refer to our detailed multiple pet guide.

How to Get Slime in SDV

Get Slime in SDV
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Slime is hatched from the Slime Egg that Marlon gives you once you have added Slime Hatch to your farm. You can get it crafted from the Robin for 10,000g, 500 Stone, 10 Refined Quartz, and 1 Iridium Bar.

You will see Owl, Crow, and Seagulls, but since they haven’t been categorized like others, they cannot be obtained. You can set up a Butterfly Hutch to see butterflies and fireflies appear at night all over the valley.

With this, we conclude how to get animals in Stardew Valley. For more topics like this, be sure to check out the SDV guides section right here at the Gamer Tweak. You can start by getting the Mushroom Log and then fish Goby.