How to Craft and Use Mushroom Log in Stardew Valley 1.6

You can now farm mushrooms with the latest Mushroom Log in Stardew Valley, and here’s how to craft it.

After reading our Mushroom or Bats cave guide and weighing the pros and cons of both, you might have decided to go for the Bats. Even though it was not a bad decision, you would often find yourself thinking about the amount of mushrooms it could have given you. No need to regret it anymore, now you can grow various kinds of those using the Mushroom Log in Stardew Valley.

This item was introduced in the 1.6 update of SDV with a bunch of other craftables that would make your life easier in the valley. For now, let’s focus on unlocking its recipe, crafting, and using it for the resources.

How to Get the Mushroom Log in Stardew Valley

Craft Mushroom Log in Stardew Valley
Use Hardwood and Moss to craft Mushroom Log in SDV (Image Credit: MrJekko Gaming)

You unlock the Mushroom Log recipe at level 4 foraging. Like other craftables, you will find it in the Crafting section. You need 10 Hardwood and 10 Moss for it. Once you have the ingredients, drag the log from Crafting into Inventory for making it.

Hardwood is chopped from Mahogany Trees and obtained from the Large Logs of the Secret Woods. As for the Moss, you will get them from the trees that have moss. You don’t have to cut those trees, simply knock them, and they will drop the item.

How to Use Mushroom Log in SDV

As mushrooms are the inseparable ingredients in the recipe of Life Elixir, gathering them becomes necessary for adventurers. With this in hand, you would easily farm those:

  • After you have crafted the Mushroom Log, make sure it is in your active inventory, not the chests.
  • It works better when it is surrounded by wild trees, so now look for such a place near your farm.
  • Select the log from your inventory and place it in a suitable spot.
  • Lastly, check after a few days to harvest it. It produces all kinds of mushrooms from common Chanterelle to uncommon Morel, so the period might differ.

Since you are growing the mushrooms with Mushroom Log in Stardew Valley, you might be interested in another item that was added in the update, Dehydrator.