Genshin Impact Wheat: Where To Find Wheat And Farm It?

Looking for wheat in Genshin Impact? Where to find it and farm it? Learn how to obtain wheat and grind it at THIS location easily.

Genshin Impact has a lot of elements in its adventure including Cooking. And for cooking, you need an essential resource that is wheat. Basically, you use wheat and turn it into flour that you can use in your cooking recipes. Many players are wondering where to find Wheat in Genshin Impact? Here’s the answer for that.

Where to Find Wheat in Genshin Impact

Since food is crucial to heal and restore HP, you need to know where to find wheat in Genshin Impact. You will be facing quite a few tough enemies and food is the easiest way to regain health.

So, to get wheat, you have to put on your exploration hat. Start scavenging in the wild and get your hands on wheat. But it can get a bit difficult to obtain it that way so what you can do is head to a particular location to find wheat.

The location is Drunken Gorge. It is to the northwest of Springvale and to the north east of Dawn Winery.
where-to-farm-wheat-genshin-impact-grindOnce you get to this place, you will see that there are a lot of boxes, barrels etc. where you will find wheat in Genshin Impact. This is where you can farm and grind wheat easily. Apart from this, you can also purchase it from a general store that you find.

With that obtained, your next step will be to convert it to flour with the help of a cooking fire. Use the cooking fire to process wheat into flour by interacting with it and then going to Process. We have a detailed guide on how to process ingredients that will explain all the steps to you.

Flour is an ingredient in various cooking recipes like Fisherman’s toast, Mushroom pizza, Fishy toast and lots more. Now that you know how to find wheat, go ahead, create flour and get cooking!

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