How To Mine In Genshin Impact (Mining Guide)

Curious to know how to mine in Genshine Impact? Learn how to harvest minerals from mining nodes and get resources easily in this mining guide.

In the adventure of Genshin Impact, you will have to do many crucial tasks – mining is one of them. You need to collect important minerals and other resource materials which is why you need to understand how to mine in Genshin Impact. Curious to know how to do that? Our Mining guide will tell you all about it.

Genshin Impact Mining Guide: How to Mine Easily

The first thing you should know is that you need to locate mining nodes. They are easy to spot in the story because they look like rocks and shine (as you can see above). Once you get near one such mining node, you need to use your elemental attack. Yes, basic attacks will not make a difference – elemental attacks will do the trick.

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To know which button will execute the elemental attack, check the bottom right section of the screen. On the PS4, the button you have to press is R2 and the nodes will disintegrate right in front of you. Now all there’s left to be done is to collect the minerals you get like iron and crystal. Note that there is a recharge time for these attacks so you cannot use it back to back. But even one attack is good enough to get quite a few resource materials.

So, this is basically how to mine in Genshin Impact. The harvesting method is quite different than you would expect (without using a weapon or some other mining tool) so I hope this guide will clear your doubts.

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