Genshin Impact: How To Find Ley Lines

Get to Ley Line Outcrops and complete them to get rewards from Ley Line Blossoms.

Ley Lines are sort of alternative quests in Genshin Impact. When you interact with a Ley Line, a wave of monsters is unleashed upon you. You need to kill all these spawned monsters to complete Ley Lines Outcrops in Genshin Impact. Once all of them are defeated a Ley Line Blossom with rewards is revealed. It is a great way to earn some extra rewards and experience, but several players don’t know how to find Ley Lines in Genshin Impact. Here’s what you need to look to find Ley Line Outcrops.

How to Find Ley Lines in Genshin Impactblossom of revelation ley line outcrop genshin impact

Firstly, there are two types of Ley Lines and its Blossom, which are Blossom of Revelation and Blossom of Wealth. The former is a blue-colored Ley Line and the latter is a golden-colored Ley Line. Now, you can find each one in the region of Mondstadt and Liyue. When you are close enough, their icon will be marked on the map in their respective color. This is how you find Ley Lines in Genshin Impact. Once you reach the exact location, interact with the Outcrop to begin the battle.

Blossom of wealth ley line outcrop genshin impact

As soon as you complete any of the Ley Line Outcrop, a new one will spawn at a nearby location. Blossom of Revelation that grants Adv EXP and Character EXP is unlocked at Adventure Rank 3. The Blossom of Wealth that grants Adv EXP and Mora is unlocked at Adventure Rank 12.

If you are not currently at the required Adventure Rank, it is best to first boost your rank. The rewards you get depends on your World Rank level. However, you will need Original Resin to collect the rewards. So, ensure that you have restored the Original Resin to full before you go and find Ley Lines.

So basically, you have to look for the icon on the map to find Ley Lines in Genshin Impact. Interacting with the Ley Line Outcrops will unleash a wave of enemies; hence, it is advised to take your best weapons when on the hunt. You can read our best claymore, sword, and bow guides to learn about which weapon to equip while finding Ley Lines in Genshin Impact.